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Hi everyone!

I'm new in the UK and I struggle to find suitable products in the local shops.

Please, advice me on some good plain muesli. By this I mean unsweatened muesli consisting of simple oats and raisins (mb a little extra, but still unsweatened).

I also cannot find any bread that would be below 200 kcal. In Moscow I used to have a nice organic loaf of 190 kcal/100g, and here everything is over 200+!

Thank you in advance!

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I'm not sure about the bread, I used to get some in Marks and Spencers that was low calorie, although I forget exactly what the calorie count was, it wasn't terribly good though I'm afraid.

For the simple muesli, why not buy exactly what you want? Buy a bag of oats and a bag of raisins and mix them together? Maybe some nuts or something else if you like, but if you want simple then it should be easy to do yourself....?


Most supermarkets have a variety of muesli, but you may find what you want in a Health Food shop. You probably need to look in a good traditional baker for organic bread, not in a supermarket.


I like LIDL, very good!


Jordons Natural Muesli has no added sugar, just grains, nuts and fruit.

No advice on bread, we buy a grainy Hovis loaf for conveniently square sandwiches for school, but other wise eat bread from a good bakery, or I bake it, so no nutrtional details.



I don't know where you live, but if you can find a farm shop, look for the Shire Foods brand of muesli. Definitely unsweetened!

Alternatively, I believe that Jordan's do one, available in a good supermarket.

Best wishes


Thank you everyone! Funny is that I have discovered Jordans Natural Muesli right before I read the comments. Had them for breakfast today. Yes, they are what I was looking for :)

About my location, I live in Cambridge. I don't know where can I find farm shops there, although I am sure there must be some. I may google. About bakeries, freshly baked bread often lacks nutritional information, so I cannot control my calories consumption.


The average white bread - the plain one, made with flour, water, salt and yeast (or sourdough) has around 290 calories per 100 grams - give or take

Wholemeal bread has a little less : around 250

You can find nutritional information online if you know what ingredients are used - and maybe check if there are artisan bakers in your area (farmers market?) , generally they tend to love real bread and do it properly!

Stay away from ready made sliced bread - not only it may have extra ingredients, but it is also produced on a way that is just plainly wrong : fast rising methods that do not allow the flavour to develop - (I suggest reading Andrew Whitley 's Bread matters...) breadmatters.com

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Thanks a lot! I was mistaken buying ready made sliced bread, will try to avoid it in the future. Are there any online shops you could recommend, where I could get a good organic food for a decent price? Seen Holland and Barrett, but they are heavily overpriced. Paying over 2 quid for 500 g of bread seems to me ridiculous.


Sorry Maru, I would not know about shops there as I live in Ireland. And I am lucky enough to be able to bake my own :)


Awww, I am envious to people that can cook :3 Anyway, thank you for replies! :)


There are several traditional bakers in Cambridge. Have a look on Google.


I grew up in Germany so I shop in Lidl, Aldi & home bargains. I just find EU foods more nutritious even the Pils lager. It's hard to find unsweetened / unsalted products sometimes :)


Yeah, exactly. Though in the UK I like how all the nutricious info is written on a wrap of every product and even marked what is low and what is high. It's much easier to find what you need like that :)

We have Aldi somewhere in Cambridge, but they don't do home delivery here((( Never heard of Lidl, but will research :) Thank you


I have started making my own muesli by using to dessert spoons of oats some sunflower seeds.pumpkin seeds and almonds and fresh apricots or blueberries .This ensures no extra sugar etc.


I thought of doing it too. For now I use Jordans natural muesli and add Quaker oats. So I have almost a poridge, that consists just of oats, rasins and nuts. May add some more berries like you do :)


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