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So this is week 3 and I am trying but its hard. Hard when everyone else around you is not healthy eating and if you say no to a cake etc they look at you as if to say how rude. I don't want to shout it from the roof tops that i want to lose a stone - I just want to do it. If i didn't have a social life I could do it ! Doing the couch to 5k so hopefully that will help. I feel good after I finish it. Hope everyone has a good week.

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HI Andie

I can really understand that one. I've tried dieting loads of times before and have tried telling folk so they 'understand' and then had the 'do you think you should be eating that' type comments and then tried not saying anything and getting the ' well that's a bit rude' kind of looks when I've turned down unhealthy stuff that has been offered. It's a minefield out there. This time I'm trying my hardest just to keep saying to myself that what others think doesn't matter. This is for me and if they could understand it from my point of view then they'd support me. I don't think many people actively set out to discourage or de-rail us but I think quite a few folk simply have no idea what it's like.

Good on you for saying no and don't lose sight of your goal.

As I've mentioned before though I'm not doing it now, I've done the couch to 5k before and really enjoyed it and even dare I say got a real buzz from it. I really hope it does the same for you and that it helps get you towards that 1stone loss.

All the best



It isn't rude to say 'no thank you' to cake etc., so don't worry about people's expressions!

You're right, you don't need to tell people you want to lose weight.

To make it easier you could say something like 'thanks but I'm stuffed', or 'i'm on a healthy eating challenge' or 'I ate too much yesterday and my tummy needs a rest'.

don't let it get you down... Think about how good you'll feel as they pounds slip off!


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