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Has anyone else struggled with using a Dyna band (Toning band!)

I bought a toning band today as using an exercise bike for 30mins each day is becoming a little boring. Well I think I lost more weight laughing. I could hardly make the darn thing move not alone conquer it's resistance!!! (Yes, I'm using the lowest resistance!) Please is this just me? Will I eventually be able to workout with it if I persevere or am I flogging a dead horse??? I'm obviously very weak!!! Any ideas how to improve my pathetic performance???

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Check out Youtube- search for something like resistance band workout :


And there are lots to choose from. That way you can see how it's done and do it along with the clip! :-)

Good luck! Bands are really terrific once you get the hang of them.


That's the point kiwifruit1, I spent most of the afternoon looking for a workout that was low key and then couldn't do it!


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