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4lb lost!

1 week on 1200 calories and 4lb lost!

I finished my steroids last Wednesday and think a couple of pounds could be water but I'll take the credit for that as well. I used my fitness pal and have made a couple of mistakes so I probably had more than the 1200.

I have been told that with 7 stone to lose I should be on 1400 but my fitness pal won't let me :-(

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Well done, in spite of adversity ;-)


Dulcie ... well done and keep going!!! :O)


Firstly, well done :) Secondly in regards to myfitnesspal, if you go into it you can choose to manually adjust the calorie intake to 1400 and then when you are ready you can manually drop it back down again. I did it and it worked just fine. I look forward to hearing your progress, keep smiling, you will get to your end goal in no time :D


Well done! That's a fantastic start!


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