one week under my belt

I won't lie, that first week was a hard slog, I felt horrible to start with mainly due to the sugar dip for the first 5 days. I had been warned about this effect, but I found it really hard to exercise whilst feeling duff. Also had a headache a day for the first 3 days.

Anyway I think I'm over the hump of the sugar dips, 'cause now I'm starting to feel much better, and generally coping with the 1200 cal a day target (thanks to my fitness pal, without which I would be finding this much harder).

The result is that I have lost 2 lb this week, can't ask for more than that I guess.


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2 Replies

  • Well done on giving up the sugar, it can be tough!

  • Congrats for getting through the first week, changing your lifestyle is hard, it's amazing that you worked through the sugar dip and still managed to exercise :)

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