Any ideas on how to get enough Iron and calcium?

Hi guys, I am on week 4 of this diet now and have been using myfitnesspal to count my calories and see what I eat. Every day I try really hard to get enough calcium and iron, but I find it really difficult. Any suggestions on what foods I could eat in realistic quantities to get the required amounts? I started drinking more milk, eating sardines ( apparently its full of calcium) and I bought myself fat free greek yogurt. I eat loads of chicken, eggs, fish, beans and cheese...but according to myfitnesspal I am still not near the required amounts. Any ideas on what other foods I can include?


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  • I recommend a good steak and a pile of green leafy veg. Liver is also a very good source of iron, I like to eat mine with bacon. Don't go too low fat, as it's important for your health, vitamins like vitamin D are fat soluble.

  • Are you eating tinned or fresh fish? The calcium in sardines is from the bones. Same goes for tinned salmon where you can eat the bones but I don't know anyone who would eat the bones from fresh (or previously frozen) fish.

  • Spinach is very good too. I have it cold with my salads and heated up with my main meals, sometimes make it into a spinach soup too.

  • I don't know if you like liver but that is a really good sauce for Iron.

  • Calcium taken at the same time as iron can interfere with the body's ability to absorb the iron. You also need vitamin C to be able to use the iron and calcium needs vitamin D in order to be useable. From what you say, there should be no shortage of either mineral in your diet so maybe look again at your fresh fruit & veg intake. Check on the British Nutrition Foundation website for more info: Also, maybe myfitnesspal is incorrect or inacurate.

  • It does sound like you should be getting enough calcium from what you list. Don't forget that iron is found in the colourful vegetable, dark green and red, peppers, tomatoes, also I was told that you should not drink fizzy or drinks with caffeine in at meal times as they slow down or prevent you absorbing the iron and calcium from your food intake. Has anyone else hear this?

  • Hi, thank you so much for all the advice. RosaMarble, I think you are right...I think my fitnesspal might be wrong, and that I must not take it too seriously. I eat loads of fruit and perhaps I do get enough. I also downloaded the change for life app. That would help me with making my diet a bit more varied. I did buy myself an iron supplement today. I am doing loads of exercise and I have long heavy I feel I might need it.

  • a nice good cut of lean beef twice a week, try avoid iron tablets as they can cause constipation which can be a dieters nightmare and when youre bloated etc the body naturally starts craving sugary foods to try help the movement also some seeds are a good source and great for snacking on

  • Thanks for that! Will try it!

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