Do You Have the Right Attitude?

Do You Have the Right Attitude?

Do you have what it takes to reach your weight-loss goals? If you think it's all about diet and exercise, you're wrong.

It sounds crazy, I know. Exercise and a proper diet are crucial to all weight-loss and fitness programs. But to reach any long-term goal — especially one that requires a major lifestyle change — you need to improve your attitude too. You can have all the external support in the world, but if your self-esteem is in the toilet, you'll never have long-term success.

Having the right attitude is so important because thought is behavior. The power of the mind is total — the way you think about yourself manifests as your reality. We all know how easily negative thoughts can lead to lack of confidence, hopelessness, and depression. You've heard about self-fulfilling prophecy, right? Well, if you tell yourself that you'll always be fat or you'll never find happiness, chances are you'll end up fat and unhappy. Hey, it makes sense.

Okay then, let's turn that scenario around. Tell yourself that you can get fit and you will be happy. It's that simple. You can master your own fate with positive thinking!


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6 Replies

  • Hi

    Brilliant post. I think most of us know this but tend to forget it and need reminding at times. The 'poster' is fab and love the idea of being 'crispy'. Thank you for sharing.


  • Happy to be sharing the encouragement Fitmo :D

  • I totally agree with your post. It reminded me of that programme on the t.v. A year to save my life. The life/fitness coach Jesse said something along those lines. AND the poster, thank you for posting it, it made me smile!

  • My pleasure :)

  • Very encouraging.....

  • Glad it is helpful to you :)

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