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Tried 5:2 for a month - no effect whatsoever! So for the past 3-4 months I have devised an approach that works for me! Basically by sticking to 3 meals a day (ie not snacking in between) and reducing portion size (so I still eat the foods I want - just not as much!) I have managed to eat 500 cals/day less. In addition I have started walking regularly every day which results in a further 500 cals/day. In total I am therefore averaging 1000 calls/day net loss. This has worked wonders for me and I have lost around 2.5 stone and 6 inches from my waist! I have tried dieting many times over the years but they were never sustainable as they involved eating things I don't like or cutting out things I do like. This approach however works for me and,after 4 months, I am sticking with it. Only downside is the expense of throwing out and replacing my wardrobe!

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Hi HarryStotle,

Congratulations on your weight loss. Sounds like your regime is working out really well. Hope you're enjoying wearing your new clothes as well.

Very inspiring to hear your success.

Lowcal :-)


That's my problem tho snacking in between meals! I just can't stop!!!! And I have big portion sizes, I know if I had a little portion I would just want more haha x


Good on you!


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