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Increased exercises

Yesterday I did 35 mins on wii fit

Then started week 1 of Couch to 5 k

Boy that was hard

The 5 min warm up walk went well and the 1st 60 second run wasn't bad, or the 90 second cool down walk. However trying to do that another 4 times on the beach with the dog didn't quite go as expected.

Oh well I am almost 59 and terribly unfit and over weight, so as they say here in Greece 'Siga Siga' (slowly slowly)

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Definitely siga siga. Running on sand would not be easy, especially if it is warm there as well. I too am 59 and now, having lost weight over the last year and graduated c25k last month, I am now fitter than I have ever been. It feels sooo good, so take your time and keep at it.


WOW! Well done you on graduating to 25k. Not too hot yet, so managing with the heat. Just love spending time on the beach, but will do my siga siga running on way down.


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