Monday 28th April is the start of my healthy lifestyle

Tomorrow is going to be my first day of change. What tips and advice could anyone give me to keep me focused. I have 3.5stone to lose and hope this 12 week kick start will help me in the right direction. I can do this as I have lost 2 stone about 7 years ago. Wish me luck


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16 Replies

  • I'm starting tomorrow also. I hope I can stick to it! That would also be my tip for you. If you do that you should be well on your way! Good luck!

  • Hi Tasha

    I just weighed myself and was sad to see I have gone up (again) and am now 147.9 kg. (I don't know the pound conversion if you are in the US) I too am trying again from today.

    It would be great if we could support each other and maybe any others who are in the same boat who have a lot to lose-@ Avianne? How about we check in a few times a week with a weigh in every Monday?

    I know for me the only way to keep on track is knowing I have to tell someone how it is going... otherwise it is too easy to keep eating badly.

    I am going to cut out any starchy carbs from my evening meal (not the rest of the day). That's my first step :-)

    Do you have something special planned for your 12 week kick start?

  • I would love to keep in touch - it's good to have support. I have 3.5 stones to lose so this will be a long term plan for me x

  • Not sure if I am allowed to say but I find a calorie counter app - that charts fats and carbs too very good. I use my net diary.

  • Myfitnesspal is a great app. I use it and have lost nearly 16lbs in the past 14 weeks. x

  • Hi kiwi fruit, definitely up for checking in and doing a Monday weigh in.

    Today I also started coach to 5k. First day was great and did not find it to hard. I have signed up for a 5k race for life run in June so, this is hopefully going to help. 12 weeks is until by birthday and I want to feel great so hopefully this will keep me motivated.

  • Good luck

    I too need to keep motivated

    My motivation at the moment is I live on the sunshine island of Rhodes and the tourist season has just kicked off. There is no way I'm bearing my body until some of this fat has gone

    So I just keep thinking of when I can get in the sea for a swim (once the water is warm enough) and that is keeping me on track.

    I'm still allowing myself a little treat as long as it fits in with the calorie count, otherwise I would never stick with it

  • Swimming in colder water is actually good for weight loss and once you're in the water it won't take you long before your body adapts to the temperature. Give it a go.

  • Really? Well wont be trying at the moment as its started raining and its very windy today making the sea very choppy. Might give it a try though

  • Good luck Tasha! I have 1st to lose and started a few days ago.

  • Hello there and good luck with this weight loss plan. I have the same amount to lose after having my baby. Hoping to get at least a stone off and learn healthier eating habits over the next 12 weeks xxx

  • I started last week and kept to the low carb low fat food plan I chose. I haven't lost as much as I had hoped (2lbs) but at least it is a loss. I find tracking what I eat by writing it down really does help. I use an on line calorie counter app to do that.

  • 2lb is a perfect weight loss. It is better to lose in smaller doses than in larger ones as your body will be better for it. I always remind myself of "The Hare and the Tortoise" story, slow and steady wins the race.

  • @ Baumeister Congrats! 2 pounds is huge in my opinion!!!!

    Bring on the smaller numbers over the next few months (years!!!!) :-)

  • Thanks guy, this is what I need. A bunch of motivational people. Well I re started my fitness pal and recording what I ear. I also started my c25k today. I just hope I can keep thus up. All in all I very happy with my first day.

  • Ok so!!!! Lets check in regularly and post our successes but also if we have a bad day.... and next Monday let's weigh in.

    Today Tuesday- my goal is simple. No bad snacking.


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