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1st 12 weeks of 2014

3lb away from reaching my goal, but a new one set and another 12 weeks to loss my next stone.

This time I learnt to take one day at a time, for some reason I went to a week by week and didn't lose anything for a while. I find every 12 weeks I lose a little less, I read its harder to lose as you get closer to your idea weight.

On the plus side I am noticing all the little things, I dropped down to a size 16 from a size 18 and now the 16s are fitting better, I notice last week I now have more room in the bath. I often go bingo and a stranger their last night said I have lost a lot of weight, It feels good and I feel great, Good luck everyone with your own journey.

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Hi xSallyx,

Congratulations on your weight loss. You''re doing really well - not long to go to reach your first goal, and you're already setting a new one for the next 12 weeks. That's really great. Lovely that people have commented on your weight loss as well - and that your new clothes size is fitting better.

Hope you have another great week.

Lowcal :-)


Well done on your weight loss. It's normal for weight loss to slow as you lose, that's why most diets reduce your calorie intake as you go. If you are following the 1400 calories a day plan and your weight loss slows too much you might find one of the apps useful. I use My Meal Mate as it's English and doesn't have the interactive side as the American ones are unmoderated and there is a lot of rubbish on their forums.

Also the nhs bmi calculator will give you an idea of how many calories you should be on, the lower end of the range will be a 2lb a week in theory weight loss.

If at present you are doing the 1400 plan and you are happy with your weight loss rate then please ignore everything I've said - after all this is all about what works for you.


Thanks Grumpya.


Well done you - it's lovely when you notice your clothes feeling looser and great when other people notice you are looking slimmer. Keep going


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