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#WLC Week9 No loss but no gain either, so woopee!

One of the good things about joining this forum is that I'm now actually weighing myself once a week, after years of denial about my weight, and being too afraid to stand on scales. I'm in a difficult trough these last 3 weeks as my son is still in Ukraine, so you can imagine my fear. He's 22, English, and went out there to start a business. Being a comfort eater, I've been doing just that, but no way as often or as much as was my habit, because I'm becoming aware of what I'm eating, instead of stuffing it in mindlessly. So Yahhoo, no weight gained, and a new week to start again and try to remain positive. My fingernails are nearly off, but I'm still clinging to that wagon! Good luck to all fellow WLC members.


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