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#WLC Week 9 - Monday weigh-in

Morning weight loss club members!

Welcome to #WLC W9 weigh-in. If you started the Couch to 5K running plan on Week 2, you should be just one week from graduation!

Use this blog to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming week

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8 Replies

Sadly, nothing to report this week. :-( More than a little disappointed. So so close to my first target...


How disappointing for you Legion, but hang in there - only a few lbs to your target and you will feel amazing when you get there. My fingers are crossed for you getting better news next week.


Lost 5 pounds over past 2 weeks! total weight loss is 1 stone and 2 pounds since beginning of December. Im happy


I have lost 0.7 Kg this week, after having lost nothing the week before. I don't understand why sometimes I lose and sometimes I don't when I seem to follow the same eating plan 7 days a week!! I now weigh 78.4 Kg, I hope to go to 77.9 Kg for next week - well here's hoping.

I had a long consultation with the dietitian on Wednesday, so sticking to about 181 g of carbs a day, just wish I could work it out before I ate and when I work out what I ate in the evenings. Now sticking to a diabetics diet, and carb counting


Another lb lost really need to shift another 4lb to hit a stone but with 2 birthday meals this month im worried.


Similar to last week - nothing to report on Monday morning, but sneaked on the scales yesterday and another kilo off! Very happy that I'm starting to see some resulta again. Good luck everyone.


Well done Jellymum. I expect when I go back to work next week that the weight will start shifting again (unless I get so hungry I eat more to compensate!). I get a bit despondent when I do all the right things and only seem to lose 1lb a month, if that. It makes it hard to stick to your guns.


Lost track of how much loss I've reported on here. Anyway, am 12 kgs/1st12lbs down in total. 2lbs short of 2 stone. 4 weeks left to lose the remaining 8kgs/1st2lbs...quite a tall order. However, yesterday I wore a suit that I couldn't even get into when I last tried it on (never mind being seen in public wearing it) and am up to 5 miles on my long run. So even if I get near to target in these 4 weeks, I'll be happy. Then I'll have a pause and start at week 1 again to shift the remainder. I am so gonna get there. We all are. Never mind the war on smoking, obesity is a far bigger (LOL) problem so we lardies have to sort ourselves out. Over-eating is merely a habit (without the physical addiction of smoking) that can be broken. It's that simple. So come on everyone! Have a good week.


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