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Join the NHS Weight Loss Club today! #WLCW1

Join the NHS Weight Loss Club today and lose weight with other members of the Weight Loss forum.

By starting your weight loss journey together, you'll be able to motivate and support each other and share your ups and downs as you work your way through the 12 weeks of the plan (download it here: nhs.uk/weightloss).

Today is the first of our weekly weigh-ins, where you can share your weight loss goals, seek weight loss advice and turn a new leaf in 2014.

All Weight Loss Club posts should begin with "#WLC W1", "#WLC W2", #WLC W3" etc.

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Hello Everyone,

I weighted in last night at 12.10 with a BMI of 30.5 which means I'm now listed as obese, which is a first. Currently my clothes either don't fit or are tight. I hope to get down to 11 stone. Good luck to eveyone.


Hello. Just starting and want to lose 2st2lbs by 25 th April . Oh my!!!!!! Please keep me going x


Aim for a steady loss of 2 lb a week

Hello Bridetobe,

I'm listed as obese too with a BMI of now 35.5, (it was 37) I would like to lose three stone by July 1st as I have a Wedding to go to! It is quite scary being labelled as obese, but have taken positive action to do something about it. The diet I'm finding easier than the exercise, the exercise is really tough!! Begun Zumba gold early this morning and I feel totally exhausted by it, please tell me it will get easier??

Forgot to say it you would like to share progress on your diet and exercise I would be happy to do so, it would be good to have a diet and exercise buddy! : ) I'm sure we will do it!

Hi week1 WLC,

Weigh in 97kg with a bmi of 31.62.

Going to stick to 1400cal and going to exercise by doing zumba for 30 mins 4 times this week. My first goal is to reduce my bmi to below 30.

#wlc w1

Starting today aswell. Focusing on 3 healthy meals a day and minimum snacking.

I now weigh 178lbs, when I get to 177, my BMI will be 29, then my aim will be to get to BMI 28 and so on. Small goals. Good luck everyone.

#wlc w1 Hi everyone, I've been looking at this forum for a while ( lurking sounds way too sinister) and have finally decided to join today for the 12 week weight loss plan. For the first time in about 2 years I took courage this morning and weighed myself..........OMG 12 st 7. So now I have faced the awful truth, I'm eager to start a healthy new lifestyle. I have a spine and shoulder condition that affects how much I can move, so mornings, after I got myself moving, will be time for a walk. Just had to scrap my 14 year old car, ouch, was a faithful friend to me. So now, I will order food online, which should help me plan ahead. And I want to lose my taste for junk food......all replies about this will be most welcome. My first goal is to stick to the diet and lose weight for next week. Good luck to everyone.

Useful factoid. You grow a complete new set of taste buds in 4 weeks so being strict on avoiding takeaway might well get you to the point you lose the taste for them.

I'm a fan of soup and sandwiches when I can't be arsed cooking. Still faster and cheaper than takeaways


Ah, many thanks for this fact. Seriously, I had no idea. My junk food addiction is for biscuits & chocolate. Was gonna buy a cadbury's fudge for tonight, but based on this info, I haven't bought it, and will now try to go cold turkey till my new, improved taste buds are in place! PS Your cat is very much like my own little tabby. Thank you for your reply.

My boy is a 13lb lump of tabby bad behaviour and I adore him.

If you can't do without chocolate I suggest getting some 70% dark, breaking it into two piece bits and freeze. If you are craving, take a bit out and nibble it. Longer it lasts the less likely you are to want more at the end


Hello, I am 46 yo, 5'5" starting at 13st8 BMI 31.6 aiming for 10st7. I have measured my bust waist tum thigh and will measure again after each stone lost. Booked for Florida March 2015 so that is my goal date but celebrating my 20th Wedding anniversary in May so hope to be at least 14lb lighter by then. Already swim 30 mins 3x week but need to increase intensity of that and just back from a 20 min walk with my border terrier which I aim to increase and do at least 4 days each week. Good luck and lots of willpower to all joining in!

#WLC W1 Happy lunch time! Had this morning 88,5kg and was just lucky having reached already below 90kg.- Had on Friday started to eat every day 1kg steamed vegetables a day, to get some filling into my ever greedy stomach. Had other dishes as well to be well fed.-

Because every attempt is dead slow with me, I am going to be carefully eating now again. This time I got the 12 weeks plan printed and have 50 pages to remember what I am doing.- Thank you, dear Admin, all who are working there, that I can join from abroad :-)


#WLC W1 weighed at the hospital last week at 143kg! This morning 140kg just by being sensible!


#WLC W1 ok so did the weighting and measurements at lunch... so I am at 72kg and would like to reach the goal of 65 by August! I am glad this community exists as good to hear other people's stories that are struggling with the same issues as I do! good luck to everyone, I hope as time goes past this plan becomes easier to deal with! Feel constantly hungry after Christmas :-)

Time to restart and refocus. Started at 16st 11lbs a long time ago, weight today is 14st 8lbs.

I've had great successes and hiccups along the way but the plan definitely does work if you let it. After Christmas is a good time to refocus and re-read the information to remind myself. Looking forward to hearing and sharing stories on the site.

My aim is to get to 12st 7lbs by beginning of August in time for my sons' wedding.

Good luck everyone.




I've done my first weigh in this morning and at 45 years of age and 5'7" tall, I am 12st 6lb with a waist circumference of 37", Despite successfully completing the NHS Couch to 5K last November I've toned up a little but not lost an ounce - might be to do with the fact that I don't run much faster than I walk!

I know it's now time to look at input as I've already tackled output, and as the post-graduation running has started to taper off over Christmas and New Year I've also signed up to Jantastic to keep me motivated.

I have a BMI of 27.2 and need to lose a stone to get back into the healthy weight range, but would ideally like to lose 20lb in time for our first family holiday abroad in 5 years. That's in 19 weeks so it's doable if I start now - after years of on-off diets I want this to be the last one. Good luck to everyone else starting the journey today, it's great to have the moral suppport this community brings.

#WLC W1 94.8kg O!M!G! shocking :-(

my goal is 74kg so 20 kilos here we go!

BMI currently 29.9 so still "just" overweight :-S

Good luck, everyone!

Hi all, starting today at 12.10; BMI is at 28.7 argghhh!!! Not far off my post pregnancy weight of a year ago. I'm aiming for the healthy weight and BMI range, ideally by shedding a couple of stone. I'm focusing on the healthy eating aspect but will try to fit in exercise too. Good luck everyone!

Hiya Camike there are 10 minute workouts you can do at you tube if you are short of time :o)

Hey thanks - that never occurred to me; I'll check some out!


Hello everyone, what a brave bunch we are coming to share our stories. Here is mine, the typical yo-yoer and as usual putting on more weight when I stopped dieting. This time I think it is going to be different for me because, a) I am determined to get moving rather than lose the weight and b) I am happy with everything that is happening in my life. I had a slight scare a few months back and made a decision to get my life up and running, after all my children are all grown now so I can start to explore life. I can't do that if I can't move very well so I want to get moving and I think that once I do start moving the weight will start to come off and the cycle of weight loss and excersise begins. I am also cutting down my food intake and making healther choices and being generally aware of what I am eating.

I weighed in yesterday at 25st 1lb and my BMI is 53.1. I am setting a goal of 5% of my body weight which I think is a realistic goal for me. I am ready to lose 18lbs which will bring me down to 23st 8lb with a BMI of 50. I am in no rush to lose, I just want to be healthy.

Good Luck to everyone and just keep going.

#WLC W1"

Hi all,

I have weighed myself this evening. 100kg is a bit on the plus side for my 5.2 frame.

I will aim to change dietary habits and be more active for this 12 week plan.

#wlc w1

69.4kg. BMI 25.5

Want to get to 63kg - my pre-Heathrow injection weight (what we call the weight gain when we get to the UK.)

Will be hard, depression messes with motivation!

Ok, just weighed myself for the first time in years and now have to face facts, I have a massive journey ahead of me and plan to use this first 12 weeks to kick start it! I need to do this...

Height 176 cm, BMI 38.1, weight 119.5kg ... That was really difficult to write. :-(

Well, I think it was very brave + I wish you every success! My BMI is bout the same, but we have taken the first steps :)

Good luck!!! Managed 30 mins exercise this evening, starting slow... Here's to weight loss and getting fitter :-)

Well done for making the all important first steps, may I wish you every success for the journey ahead

#WLC W1...10 stones 13 pounds ...about 70 kg

Waist...95cm...37.4 inches

BMI 27.1

I wonder if I can get rid of two stones by August?

Having knee op on Thursday so exercise is a problem.

Hopefully will be more active come march time

Good luck to each and every one of you xx

#WLCW1 I have just weighed myself and I am 9 stones 9 lbs. I have been gradually gaining weight over the past two years and am just tipping into an unhealthy weight gain. I am not crash dieting (my usual pattern) but eating healthier foods, having 5 a day and reducing sugary foods. I am hoping to lose 2 lbs in my first weight. Good luck to all starting the Weight Loss Club today.

#WLCW1 I have started properly today and weighed in at 15.3 very depressing and hard to share with lots of people but I am very determined to shift this weight and keep it off I have already started the couch to 5k and am really enjoying it and it is getting slowly easier.

Starting today too. Weighed in this morning at 83.5kg (that's a gain of 3kg in the last month, which I'm annoyed with myself about. Hoping to get to 75kg in the 12 weeks and then continue Into my 'healthy weight' zone. BMI currently just over 30, so my first mini-goal will be to get to 'overweight' rather than obese. Wishing you all lots of luck.

#WLC W1... Weight tonight is 177lbs. My goal weight for years has been 9stone (126lbs) but I would be happy enough with 9 stone 6lbs and I've told myself I have this year to do it (rather than put too much pressure on myself. My aim for the 12 week challenge is to avoid junk food completely and cook every day. I would like to loose 2lbs a week which would take me down to 154lbs in 12 weeks time - I'm motivated but that seems a long way off so roll on completing this first week!

Wlc w1 bought some digital scales which seem to change every time I weigh myself. heaviest I'm 9st 6lb lowest 9st 3lb! So going to go for being 9st 5. Want to weigh about 8st 7lb. Good luck everyone

Hi everyone. I'm a graduate of the NHS C25K programme, which I first started in July 2012. I've lost 26 lbs since I took up running, with help from MyFitnessPal to monitor my calories eaten/burned. For me, I find 'dieting' doesn't work - I try to eat sensibly but still allow myself some treats, rather than cutting out foods altogether (which just leads to 'cheating'!). MFP gives me the incentive to exercise to earn those treats! I plan to make 2014 the year when I get back to 'normal' weight (my goal weight is 12 stone, being 5ft 10in - current weight 15st 8lbs) by losing an average of 1lb per week, and to run a total of 500 miles (an average of 10 miles per week). Today is the first day of the Jantastic running challenge and I have pledged to run three times each week. :-O

I was looking forward to 2014 and feeling really motivated to make this the year but unfortunately I had severe abdominal pains on 27th December and it now seems I am suffering from diverticulitis (diverticular disease). I am currently in the learning stage about what exactly this will mean for my diet, but I have already lost 3 lbs since new year's day. Of course, the weight loss is good but the pain and potential complications are not. I'm not yet sure what impact it will have on my running, but it does mean that I tend to feel bloated and sluggish, and I found my last run made the pain worse. However, I am not ready to give up on either my weight loss or fitness, so let the challenge begin. Good luck fellow losers. :-)

#WLC W1. Am hypothyroid and wheat intolerant. Find losing weight really hard. I feel confident though that the support here will keep me focussed! Good luck everyone.

My short term aim is to build up to the exercise requirements over 4 weeks as I will really struggle. For aerobic I'm going for slightly out of breath (brisk 20 min walk) or go to my walking club (3 mile brisk walk)and strength, not started yet, will be eg leg raises rather than weights. I've ordered a Rosemary Connelly DVD as apparently there are different levels. I have moderate COPD (ex smoker) plus was diagnosed hypothyroid in March 2013. Now on 100mcg Levothyroxine. I still get some joint pain/ stiffness plus have poor muscular strength possibly due to the cycle of finding exercise difficult and becoming very unfit.I think aerobic and strength need to be defined. I've read that aerobic means able to talk but not sing; but breath control helps COPD. Strength no idea. 1 minute per body part? Dancing great, would struggle now, but not an obvious choice.I think there should be some guidance or a web link.

I started to diet on the 26th Dec on about 900 cals per day but then found this site plus googled so have increased to 1200 from last Thursday.. On the 26th I weighed 12stone 2, I'm 5 6. Today 11 stone 12.I think exercise is the way to go as much as I hate it! Weight wise I'm aiming for being a size 14 and as close to 10 and a half stone as I can get after the 12 weeks. 10 stone would be great but it'll take longer.

#WLC Wl monday 6th jan. started my wl plan today.weight 12st13lbs.

good luck everyone

#wlc wk1

Weighed in at 11st 11.5 lbs. Would like to lose a stone and a half. My main problem is portion size and greediness!

#WLC W1: Weighed in at exactly 10 stones with a BMI of 25 on the dot overweight although I am fairly big as I am 5'3. Hoping to reduce BMI and be at a goal weight of 8 - 8.5 stones.

I have the small goal as you! I am 5"2 and weigh 10 stone 4 and would love to be 8 stone again!

Woo hoo!! :) Love to add you if that's ok?


ok, let's see if I'm doing this right :) morning everyone!! Started my weight lose journey on Saturday just gone, started counting calories etc and started the Couch to 5k programme teamed up with the strength & flex podcast. Never done any exercise before in my life and have to say I'm loving both programmes at the moment!! I started at about 12st6 with a bmi of just under 29.something or the other and I'm hoping to get to around 10stone :) I've done other various diets in the past such as weightwatchers and slimming world and although I have lost weight with them I've always put it all back on after leaving the programme, but this time I really really want to succeed just for my boys - I want to be able to run around with them without getting embarrassingly out of breath so fingers crossed this 12 week diet & fitness programmes works :D good luck to everyone else just starting out!! xx

Welcome. I think you will find as you get fitter and healthier you will find the exercise will become a way of life. Especially when people start noticing the difference in you. I never thought I would run or go to the gym although I walked a lot. Now I feel I've missed out if I go to town & don't get to the gym! Please don't think of the 12 week plan as a 'diet' though, it is more of a plan to change the way you eat for life. Good luck on your journey.

Sounds like we have very similar goals. My starting weight, BMI and target weight are almost identical! I've just graduated from C25K and I'm sure you'll continue to love it. I really need the structure it brings. Was having a laugh at myself - funny how a recorded voice in my iPod can keep me going. On 'my own' I would have given up long before. All the best.

Weighed myself for the first time in a long time yesterday morning - 10 stone 4 lbs - eeeek! I'm 5"2. I have gradually put on 2 stone over the last 2 years, but I am determined to get back down to 8 stone! I have just started on the couch to 5k programme - on day 2 of week one and I'm am really enjoying it!

I want to gradually challenge my eating habits - I'm a junk food addict and I will always go for the quick (and usually not healthy!) option. I'm keeping healthy snacks in my car now so I'm not starving when I come home from work and can make a proper meal. Just read someone else's post about junk food taste buds - I am going to go cold turkey too!

Here's hoping for a better weigh in next week!!

Hi and thanks for setting this up. I weighed 12st 4lb this morning and according to NHS BMI calculator I am overweight at 29.5 BMI. I'll go with that - my own scales give BMI reading of 36! I need to lose 2 stone which will take me close to the weight I was 25 years ago when we got married :)

Timescale? 2lb per week would takes me to Easter - just in timefor all that chocolate .


Weighed in Monday am. Back to calorie counting and using the 12 week weight loss plan. I lost and have kept off 7lbs and have 14lbs to go.


Weighed in last night at 74 kg. I'm going to focus on losing 1kg a fortnight - hopefully it will come off slowly but stay off too.


Hi all. I know it's a terribly New Year thing to do, but I have finally decided that 2014 is going to be the year I lose the weight and get properly fit and healthy.

I'm 5ft 6, and weigh 13 stone 9 - I need to get down to roughly 10 stone to be within the Normal zone for my height.

I used to have a reasonably physical job, but now I only have a commute of 4 mins walk to work, and am normally inactive behind my desk during the day. I know my main weakness is lack of exercise and am going to attempt the C25K plan - am not brave enough to go outside to run as it would be humiliating to have all my "bits" wobbling all over the place, so am going to use the subsided gym at work.

It's going to be really hard to stay on track as I get discouraged easily, or am too hard on myself when I slip up.

But this is the year to change all that. My only worry is that I don't really have a target date to aim for - but 12 weeks on the NHS plan will hopefully help.

Best wishes to all!

#WLCW1 Fresh start, weigh-in Monday morning at 10st 11lb, height 5ft 6in, BMI 24.3 just make it in to the healthy. I was 11st 9lb this time last year. I would like to lose 18lb by the end of this 12wk plan. Good luck everyone x

#WLC W1 hi all, weighed in on Monday at 15st 4lbs Aarrrrrrrgh!! But not for long. I hope you will be hearing from a lot less of me soon. Good luck to everyone :)

Hi I am a similar weight to yourself weighed in Monday at 15 stone 3 :-( good luck

hi everyone, well I started the plan yesterday and at a start weight of 202lb so im hoping 188lb by march 1st when I go to watch Michael Buble. Good luck everyone x

Hi, I was weighed in last night and was 10'5''. Not too bad after Christmas I suppose I have lost 40lbs since Easter but I really need to drop 7lbs to be a healthy comfortable weight and they just don't seem to want to shift. I need focus and motivation. Good luck everyone

Hi all. I am new to this. Is there any online tools that we can use for tracking? I would quite like to upload photos for myself with my weight loss to keep a track and for motivation! Thanks.

Hey, I started on Monday, I weigh 82kg and my goal is to weigh 60kg. I plan to stick to the 1400 kcal allowance and have breakfast as I usually skip it. I'll be using the myfitness pal app to log all my food and exercise diary entries as it's easier and already has a database of meals with their nutritional values.

I also want to start the Cto5k, but I'm recovering from a cold and cough so I try going walking for around 40mins a day. Good luck to everyone :).

Well i started Monday at 15st 12.5lbs i have tried WW and SW and lost 7lbs and lots of money! so though i would give this a go with the help of NHS and my fitness pal.

Hi all. #WLC W1

Starting my weight loss today. I weigh in at 12st 6lb, BMI 28.1.

My inital aim is to reach 11st and then eventually get back to the 10st 2lb I was before starting uni 7 years ago.

Gunna be using the 12 week nhs plan. Also going to try going back swimming once a week and try Zumba.

Good luck to everyone. We're all in this together

Hello, does it matter that my weigh in is two days later than everyone else's? I've just started today!

Weighed in at 12st 7lb which is probably the heaviest I've been in a while. Goal is 10st 3lb and to be that weight by July 20th- I have my second graduation and I'd like the photos to look better than the last one, plus off to Italy and under that sun I know I'm not going to be able to hide. I've tried the diet pills and fad diets hoping for an easy way and have finally excepted I cant cheat on this one. Plus my partner is losing weight as well so its some healthy (and very competitive on my side!) competition going on :)

#wlc w1.

Good evening! I have been looking and participating in the challenge since Monday. I have downloaded week one. Can anyone tell me how I actually join this challenge? Do I need to sign up to a special group or just search for #wlcw1 posts?

I am a yoyo dieter. For the last few years I have lost 1-2 stone at the beginning of the year, to pile it back on by Christmas. I never get to a healthy weight. I'm currently 14 st & 5 foot 7 so carry it we'll (so I'm told). I do exercise but recently my job relocated so I commute by train / car rather than walk for an hour a day. I know what I need to do but have demons in my head constantly telling me otherwise. I also really enjoy a glass or two of wine which is another downfall and I'm a foodie - love to cook and eat delicious things.

I'm going to try hard to do this 12 week challenge.

Good luck & best wishes everyone.


After putting on weight due to medication, I currently weigh in at 110.4 kg. Going to take each day at time - I'm hoping to lose around 9.5kg, which is around 21lbs. Really looking forward to gaining weightloss and healthy eating tips from other members.

Good luck everyone x

WLC W1 11stone 1 this morning and aiming for a 2 pound weight loss each which which should hopefully get me to 8 1/2 stone for my honeymoon in April!! Will post next week with how i get on! :-)

i am a bit late starting but on Monday 6th I was 11st 12lb and am 5'6". My first goal is to lose at least 7lbs before a holiday in February, I would ideally like to be under 10st &lb.

#WLC W1 Hi, I am making a second post, as I don't know where my first post went, but I certainly didn't make it here!! :)

I started to write done what I ate on 31st Dec, as a result of visiting the Dr. I weighed 82Kg, and a BMI of 33.6, after one week of just writing down what I ate I had lost 0.5Kg, Yay. So now I am trying to reduce what I eat to about 1400 calories a day. I have just received a letter from the dietitian, so will make an appointment and see what they advise. I go to the gym three times a week, but as I have reactive hypoglycaemia I keep on getting hypos after just 30 minutes. Here's to 2014, and a fitter, lighter me!! My aim is to get within the overweight section of the BMI scale initially then perhaps aim for 61.1 Kg, (a BMI of 24.9) .

Wlc w1, is this the way download? I can't find a link? Tia


Hey guys,

So put on a fair amount of weight over Christmas/New year. Now back at the Gym and back to the three meals a day. (eating plenty of fruit and veg) Though do tend to find after a day at college I tend to have a battle of wills when getting to the gym. Also really struggling with the miserable weather.

Thursday 9th Jan 2014

Weighed in at 10st7 and just did the nhs calculator, need to lose 1st6 BMI 25.2

Would be great to have a community of people looking to lose weight and increase their physical fitness, to help with motivation and tips and vise versa. =] good luck everyone..work hard.

Currently at my heaviest, Bmi sickeningly 35... my aim is to get down to 11 stone and be fit, at some point. Focusing on healthy eating, exercise in some form for at least 45 mins a day and little by little I CAN DO THIS!

I was 92.0kg but now I'm 91.6kg so I think that's a pound off! Been more active, going walking and just by taking stairs instead of lift.. 1 pound on the way to my goal!!

Hi all, Just started this week, didn't realize that I was eating so little until I started using the calorie counter. I lost 2stone on the 5:2 diet but seem to have lost my way on that so looking to this new plan to help me lose another 2 stone, my problem is that I eat in the evening and not during the day. Good Luck all

Hi everyone, I haven't made any New Years resolutions. I know I need to lose weight and I hope I find some motivation and support here. Don't have time to go to a club because of work pattern. I weigh in at 14stone and hope to lose at least 3 stones. Good Luck everyone!

Need to lose weight, at five ft 6 and weighing 14 stone, Id like to get down to 11. Good Luck all xx

#WLC W1 for me.

I am 55, 5'4" and weigh 14stone 7, BMI 35. My goal is to get to 10 stone by losing 1 - 2lbs a week then see if I want to lose any more. I also have asthma and mild bronchiectasis which are well controlled but do get in the way of exercising when they flare up.

I lost 2 stone last year by calorie counting (used myfitnesspal) and exercise. I ran/walked a 10k trail race in November but was not as ready for it as I should have been. I had a few setbacks and put 7lbs back on in the last couple of months. I need some extra motivation to get going again and this could be just what I need.

I do a ladies bootcamp fitness class 3 times a week. I was also run/walking 3 times a week which I will get back to. I have a bad chest today so not sure when I will get any exercise this week.

My first goal is just to start losing weight again and getting back to running. My next goal is to complete the 10k that I have entered in Mid March.

Good Luck everyone.


"WLC W1"

I will start today with the weekly weigh-ins.

Today's weight 70.5 which is 155 pounds.

I want to get down to 62 kilos which is 136.

I hope we all make it to our goals!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!!


Last site activity in this group is showing as 7 months ago. Is it still live?? Or do we need to start a new Week 1?

When r u starting again I want to start 12 week plane with you

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