My question is about cycling if anyone can help x

I am currently eating healthy and have lost 8 pounds sinc Christmas I have started cycling at age 48 and am really enjoying it but how far should I be going each time and how many times a week is acceptable to help with my weight loss x I have been out 3 times this week we'd thurs and sat and cycled a total of 28 miles xx


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  • Hi nickinoo

    i'm no expert but I started cycling when I was about 50 (now 54). Cyclings a great form of exercise for improve general cardio and cardio workouts are good for burning calories

    What I've been told is for cardio use high gear high spin rate and leg strength endurance you low gear low spin rate. Aim to do about 45 min sessions and try and achieve an average speed of 20 - 24 kph

    not sure if this helps

  • Really depends on how much effort is required for each ride, so there isn't an answer. I'd just do enough to ensure that you are out of puff a few times during each ride. Maybe do some faster sections or some hills.

  • Hi

    I cycle and I love it too, 3 times a week is recommended. That's 2 short rides during the week and a longer one on the weekend. As you get fitter you want to just increase your mileage, but do not push it to hard so you put your self off, maybe I will see you on the c2c one day.

  • Thanks for your replies I'm very proud of myself I've cycled 38 miles since last Wednesday doing rides including hills I'm improving on each ride x what I have noticed is how awful the roads are near me and grates and holes x also how close some drivers come it's quite scary xx

  • Hi Nickinoo..I currently ride a Trek Domane 5.9 and a very trick Cube Attention hard tail..I'm 52 and have been cycling for just 2 years. I live in The Pennines. Cycling's all about management...managing fear of the road & traffic, managing pain in the hills, managing energy levels on long rides and managing your mind and self-doubts. The fitter you become, the more you will enjoy it. You've probably already realised that cycling is no ordinary sport and ranks just below boxing (with other fighting sports) and rugby for toughness and danger. But it's incredibly rewarding especially in the hills when you see what you can achieve. I've combined the cycling with gym work including spinning classes and was truly astounded by my fitness and speed up familiar hills last time out. And I've lost 42 lbs since 27th of December which helps. So keep at it, read the mags for wonderful advice, remember to eat and hydrate on longer rides and, above all, enjoy it (when the sun shines, that is)

  • That's very true...the trouble is finding the flat bits ! I cycled just short of 50 miles last Friday and I'm sure it was all up hill ! The cafe stop was superb, though..

  • I'm red, I think. Saddleworth (which used to be white) I had the baked spud at the mate had the cake (he's much lighter than me) Are u red or white ?

  • I'm right on the border with West Yorks..great cycling country. Which area are u ?

  • Ha ha...that is close. I was sat on the wall of Huddersfield Fire Station last Friday taking a breather before the climb back to Saddleworth on the A62. That pic was taken in the Spanish Pyrenees near Gerona last September..I've lost 3 stones since then...I'll just be a blur !!

  • We'll be watching the TdF on Cragg Vale (if we can get on) We'll try to get in a cafe at Hebdon Bridge first. Keep dieting & cycling and it'll drop off you.

  • I am doing the way of the roses in June so shall be cycling through your neck of the woods.

  • Hi

    Have a search on the web for you local sustrans cycle way, they are often old train lines( tracks removed) they are usually great rides and you meet a lot of fellow cyclists.

  • Having done the couch to 5k running plan, I would say that, like any new exercise, the key is in rest days if you want to avoid injury. Try not to cycle two days in a row, until your body is used to it, so your muscles get a day to rest and repair. That doesn't mean you have to be inactive on those days, just do something that exercises different muscles, such as walking or gentle running. I've been running for a while now so my next challenge is to take up cycling again.

  • Couch to 20k cycling programme for beginners:

  • Hi, I'm 60 and started the 12 wk plan in September 2016 having lost nearly three stone only 2lbs to go. I began cycling the second week and have continued for 40 mins at least three times a week. I try and speed up between lamp posts so set little targets. Even if you don't loose weight it will tone up your body. Just enjoy it but rest if your body tells you 😜

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