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So chuffed with myself

I've just finished week 6 and I now weigh 14st 13lbs (16st 5lb originally). I've lost 2lbs this week and I'm chuffed because I'm down below the 15st mark.

The other reason I'm chuffed is I bought some new PJs in sainsburys today. My old ones are so big on me now that even when I pull, the cord tight on my trousers there's still a huge gap at the back and it's been so cold with all the wind that I needed something better fitting.

My old Pjs were a size 20 (top and bottom) but the new ones my bottoms are a size 18 and the top is a 16! I almost fainted when I tried the top on (and for once it wasnt due to lack of oxygen because it was too tight).

I'm 27 and haven't been a size 16 top since I was 13/14 years old. I'm also able to fit into a pair of size 20 work trousers that I got on sainsburys. These aren't as forgiving as the pj bottoms (they're made from tshirt material) so I'm okay with them being a 20. This is largely because for the last 10 years I've had to buy my trousers abd most of my other clothes from shops like Evans. This was embarrassing when I was younger as I could never admit where my clothes had come from when friends asked.

I'm chuffed I can fit into supermarket trousers as it opens up a whole new world for me. I can't wait to loose some more weight and treat myself to more clothes.

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Dear Pinkymoo!

Wowzers hun, that's fantastic.

I am so pleased for you as im sure that you now feel soooo much better for the weight loss & its amazing just how much every stone makes.

I have lost 1st 3lbs since xmas day.

I am much larger than you & weigh 25st 10lbs (26st 13lbs xmas day), but ive joined the gym 6 wks ago & weight watchers 1 weeks ago.

I have lost weight by making a large bowl of veg soup each day, blended & eat it for at least 1 meal a day & also to fill-up between meals.

Keep on keeping on!

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That is incredible!! Well done, I am so inspired by your post :)

I'm enjoying my newly somewhat baggier clothes, can't wait to get to a size smaller too! Keep at it, you're doing amazingly!


That's marvellous, really well done :)

Your on a roll now, keep going and all those shopping opportunities await.


Well done pinkymoo. :-) I'm hoping not to be too far behind you with breaking the 15 stone barrier. ;-) I get loads of clothes from Sainsburys. They are comfortable and seem to fit me better than many other places. My favourite running trousers are from there too, although they are becoming a bit big for me now (and have no drawcord), and they don't seem to have them in stock at present.


Well done you, you have every reason to feel chuffed and the extra joy of access to more clothes should help when you feel fed up , again good job and keep up the good work x


What an inspiring post. Well done on your weight loss so far. Don't spend too much on the clothes yet - it sounds like you're determined to be in even smaller ones before too long!


Oh I fully intend to penny pinch. I have clothes in my wardrobe that I grew too large for. I shall be digging those out and enjoying them again. I will hace to make sone strategic purchases such as underwear as i don't want them falling down!


Well done May your success continue x


Dear Pinkymoo,

Today is the first day for me of yet another diet and reading of your success fills me with hope that I can finally lose my excess 4 stone. Congratulations on your achievement. Good luck with the clothes shopping!!


I'm aiming for 10st which will put me at the top of the nhs bmi nornal range. Which means that when I started I had about 6st 5lbs to loose. I've got another 4st 23lbs to go I think.

You can do it. Make small manageable changes. The mistakes I made before was to try and do too many things at once and I tried to force myself to do it too quickly. I kost a stobe before I married in 2011 and put it all back on afterwards as in my headyit was a short term fix rather than a lifestyle change. This time round the first 2 weeks all I did was cut calories down to 1440 a day and did no exercise as hubby had a cold and I wanted us yo exercise together. I lost 8lbs that fortnight. Small change big difference.

Also do it for you and not anyone else or because you think that society says you have yo be a certain shape or size. I spent years feeling guilty for being plus size.

Oh and on the exercise front you don't have to spend loads on gym memberships. I discovered youtubr is my friend. There are yons of home workouts on there yhat require no equipment.


i find this website really helpful, with other peoples inspiring stories. It definitely helps to keep me motivated and to keep on track loosing weight. Well done and keep up the good work! :)


Thanks everyone. I'm feeling really positive. I've set some motivation messagesnon the phone calendar for the next stone marker.

it says if you're below 14st yay go you! If not then don't despair you will get there soon.

I'm determined not to beat myself up if progress slows or I have a little blip now and again.


We'll done you keep up the great work.


Well done to you! I definitely got trimmer doing this programme (and am following slimming world but by myself.) it's a great feeling to fit into smaller clothes! ;)


Awww well done ;)


That's so great! I'm only one week in but I hope to be down a size very soon!!


Hi pinkymoo,

One of my weirdest ones was needing to get my watch strap taken in as my watch was going around and around my wrist like a bangle.

It makes you realise you CAN make a difference with you size and body weight.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


My watch strap is adjustable velcro thankfully otherwise mine would be doing the same.


Wow...well done for losing the weight so far...hope you have a good week again...


I think I might have buy a new pair of jogging bottoms. I went through 3 pairs this morning before I found a pair that stayed on whilst I was stationary! I don't want a lack of keep-fit wear to stop me exercising and loosing more lol!


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