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started back on my weight loss journey a little over 4 weeks ago and i hate to admit it but it's all feeling a bit hopeless. The weight loss is minimal so far and all i can seen to focus on is the lack of movement on the scales. I know i need to start looking at the bigger picture and how all the small losses can add up but im really struggling to stay positive. Anyone out there have any tips on how to stay on track when the scales dont want to cooperate



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  • I have found that the started of my weight loss hard to loss the weight. Someone told to measure my self and have change in waist but scale. Friend and family help to stay postive. I keep thinking small will made change in the long run. Also thought about why want to loss the weight. My reasons so can enjoy my holiday with family without tire and out of breath.

  • Set yourself a target...keep going and keep up the healthy takes time to get into it...but you will get there..

  • Maybe try eating just 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week. I lost three stone in six months that way. Please watch this BBC Horizon programme, Eat, Fast and Live Longer ( which spawned the 5:2 Diet and has changed millions of lives - it's certainly changed mine and reached parts of me that no diet has ever done before!

  • I tried your link but it didn't work for me

  • That's odd. Go into and search for Eat, Fast and Live Longer. There are four on there, all the same programme. Try this one

  • I am on week 6 and although initially i had doubts about this working i am really pleased that i have started NHS 12 weeks plan! i found the first 4 weeks hardest with week 3 and 4 having quite a few slips really... although the weight loss is not as speedy as i would want it to be i started to get the compliments from my boyfriend that he now can see that i have lost the weight and that i am in better shape... i think although the weight has not shifted drastically in my view i think i agree with the measurement comment as i realize that my waist has really improved!!! i have a goal to loose 4 more kg before August so plenty of time for that and then maintain it!!! i have another mini goal for April when we go on holidays so thinking about all these things ahead really does help me to concentrate!!! remember its not a quick solution but rather a change of the lifestyle which is never easy!! take care and good luck with your journey!

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