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Good home work out programs

I don't normally sprook websites but have found one that isn't focused on selling you stuff. Its free to join and has a great selection of exercise programs to download and print so you can record your results (for all those like me who are not up with apps and tech stuff). Its got everything from improving fitness, toning up, back care, core strength, weight control and much more. Sometimes motivating yourself to do some exercise is hard enough but deciding what you want to do is even harder. I found this helped. Check out ptprograms.com.au

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I'm always a bit wary because of the amount of spam that gets through on here but this does look like a really good site. Thanks for the tip.


im with you. i get fed up in getting into a maze of website links where I always end up getting trash emails for weeks after. This one seems genuine. I joined the paid section which gives me more options to build my own workouts exercises to set programs. Plus it starts off at an easy level and lets you build up over at your own pace. PT is good with personal advice


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