Hi everybody

Just needed some moral support really,I made the mistake of weighing myself midweek when I know I should've waited and the scales say I have put on a pound,I'm really struggling to get to grips with this as I haven't had anything I shouldn't and I'm definitely not eating all my daily Calorie intake,just can't understand what's going on!,it's terrible as my first reaction was to reach for the biscuit tin but I'm glad to say I never in the end,feeling very disappointed and fed up now x


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  • Hi, ive put a pound on then taken it off dont worry about it to much...I found if I worry about it I eat more then back to square take it slowly ...

  • Hi there

    I think this is very good advice from you,I need to focus on the bigger picture and look forward in a positive way instead of getting myself down over little things,good luck on your journey,take care x

  • Dont get dissapointed or fed up !! It could be water weight ! I have also read that it takes some time for your body to get used to a change in food habits ect. Just think, you feel good now for not reaching that biscuit tin, think how you will feel say a month down the line where you have lost weight and you didnt give up !! Its easier said then done, i am in the same situation but just think, its not worth giving up, because YOU know YOU can do it. :)

  • Hi there

    Thanks for your reply,it was very inspirational and you'll be pleased to know that I haven't had any naughty treats,I took my dress out of the wardrobe and hung it on the door to try and boost my enthusiasm,roll on may,sometimes these diet things are bloody torture lol,take care and good luck to you too x

  • Probably not the advise you need but i don't have biscuit tin anymore i don't buy them anymore and in the time of desperation i have nothing naughty to reach for :-) on the serious not its just a pound i put 1.5 pounds on last week and i am on 12 weeks plan and i am already down to what it was... don't worry about small changes concentrate on the longer goal and what you are trying to achieve :-) all the best! x

  • Hi there

    Thanks for your lovely reply,I have to say I only buy malted milk and rich tea now so I don't think I could've done an awful lot of damage lol,glad to say that I resisted anyway,I know I have to focus on my long term goals,I've already dropped 2 on my Bmi so I'm really happy with that,good luck on your journey,you sound like you,ve done really well so far,take care x

  • I'm not sure how this nhs thing works I have no will power to follow a eating plan alone so I stick to going to my slimming world group meetings and put the scales in the garage and can't find them anywhere lol x

  • Hi there

    I can only say good things about slimming world as it has really worked for me in the past,my parents won't have scales in the house as they say it makes you think negatively about your weight so I guess you're doing te right thing too by only getting weighed at our meetings,good luck for the future x

  • Thanks let Mahon youth on ve lot 11and half pouns in 4 weeks x

  • Ah a pound is nothin kidda especially if your scales dont have the ounces or parts of a pound, last week i was XX.8.8 this week XX.9.1 see a very small amount (probably heavier socks! THIS IS WHAT YOU GOTTA DO. Think before you put the biscuits or anything with high calories in your mouth, what're your goin to feel like after the couple of seconds it takes you to swallow it. Tell yourself that today youll have an apple a ryita a whatever, tomorrow you'll have the 'bicky' and repeat tomorrow the same as today. If by the end of the week you have the bicky brilliant you gone a whole week without the cals and your going to really enjoy eat slowly and savour the flavour. I find this gets me through Good luck x

  • Hi there

    Thanks for your reply,it made me laugh,I know you,re right and I shouldn't get hung up on the tiny details,and I really do need to think before popping things in my mouth,that's why I'm in this mess to start off with,it's always been emotional eating with me but I'm determined to beat it this time and think healthy about food choices,good luck on your journey and stay strong! X

  • Oh Hi Me again - forgot to say dont cut calorie amount that your supposed to be having Body will go into starvation mode and burn sugar instead of fat (BAAAD for you)

    Ladsa water daily 4 litres - remember the water and watch your skin glow and your eyes sparkle x

  • Hi there

    Thanks for the great advice,I wasn't deliberately cutting calories but I'll try harder now because I want to become super healthy and I know I am not drinking enough either,must try harder x

  • I weigh every day but dont let the figure bother me too much mine can vary dependent on bowel movements etc, if you are sticking to it you will see the lbs come off slowly with a downward trend! Good Luck

  • Don't worry about 1lb change. I weigh myself every morning and that has made me well aware that it is virtually impossible to see the same number two days in a row! If I counted loss/gain from day to day then this week would be roughly -1lb, -1lb, +2lb, -3lb, +1lb. I'm sure most people see the same random changes that don't seem in any way related to food intake or amount of exercise :)

    Please don't feel dissapointed, you sound like you are doing a great job. So long as the overall trend over a month is downward, then you are on the right track. Well done for resisting the lure of the biscuits!

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