#WLC Week 4 - Monday weigh-in

Morning weight loss club members!

Welcome to #WLC W4 weigh-in. How was last week? This week is all about dealing with cravings and temptation. What works for you?

Use this blog to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming week

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26 Replies

  • Well im very pleased again another 2lb loss making 6lb loss so far going to have a push this week to hit the 1/2 stone but a small matter of a Chinese may stand in my way.

  • Wlcw4 I'm really impressed I've lost 7lb in 3 weeks, didn't think it was possible! This is keepin me motivated. I'm eating and not hungry just makin sure snacks are healthy and increased my exercise :) feeling positive and trying to keep focused to loose more this week. :)

  • Lost another kilo so happy with that but I have two social events this weekend so not holding out for too much progress - next week I shall be happy if I stay the same, but really don't want to head up again.

  • Congratulations on your loss, Jellymum. Nothing for me again, which is getting a bit frustrating.

  • No weight loss this week - but at least I didn't put any on. In the past three weeks I've put on a 1lb! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :(

  • Hi, I've been losing only a pound a week, but I'm happy with that. Not doing the exercise though so know it would be more if I did, the weather and long working days put me off. I'm eating well and getting used to healthy eating now and the choices to make, and only having one night a week to have a glass of wine is working too. My secret is to log ALL food that enters my mouth each day and stick to my daily allowance.

    We can all do this, and the only person to benefit is ourselves, so lets do it for us - because we are so worth it :)

    Good luck everyone, we are going to look so much better this summer

  • Hallo, I like to assume we are having spring and got the nail varnish out today.I agree we want to look beautiful this summer again and next winter as well! ;-) keep going, all the best!

  • Hello, yes my nails look great again this week, unlike my weight loss!! I've had a bad week last week, but back on track from today - apart from the sneaky Jaffa cake that put itself into my mouth earlier. I didn't loose anything last week, so I should be pleased with that but I'm not gggrrrr how can I motivate myself to get up and get out to do some exercise when its so horrible and cold outside? I need a buddy to drag me around making me do exercise.... Good luck to you and your slimmer figure, well done :)

  • Hi there, I am not really slimmer, my todays weight is 86,3kg. But I am coming off my weight in slow creepy steps, somewhat Iike a snail. The other evening I had made a nice buffet for dinner and assume who was really munching there!? I just stopped drinking cream now for three weeks, always when the hunger pangs turned up in the evening,... I don't need to tell you how my scale was moaning under my efforts to become really big, this Christmas I was with 93kg's. Whenever I want to open the fridge now in the evening I try to do something nice instead... having a hot nice shower,... putting make up on for myself,... working out my next days meals, especially to keep busy some sort of kind..., but if you need to moan, you can send me a mail! :-)

  • Thanks for that . We sound like weight buddies. ... except we are now in the pub. Just ordered food. .... uhg. !!!! Good luck and you can moan to me too.

  • TA! Was once living at London, ages ago.-

  • Not sure what your situation is , but I am thinking of buying a skipping rope and skipping at random times like when I am waiting for the kettle to boil / ad breaks/ when I only have 10 mins before the school run. It all ads up. Could do a set of crunches too. I have a good pilates dvd (pilates for Dummies) that I hope to do when I have not managed to get enough exercise in.

  • Hi stayed the same this week with no loss but no gain. Hope for better next week.:)

  • Ramped up the exercise a bit and kept food intake under control but another week without any loss. :-( I'm beginning to think that the couple of weeks where I ate next to nothing (due to illness) and lost 3lbs has thrown my metabolism into disarray. What I'm doing was seeing a slow but steady weight loss before. Now it seems to have ground to a halt. So far this week I've done two longer runs (my two longest runs ever) and am hoping it will help me to record a loss next week. Any suggestions as to why the weight loss has stopped or what I can do to get it going again?

  • Lost 1 pounds...so, that's 9 pounds altogether...quite pleased x

  • Wow - well done on the weight loss!

  • Lost 0.8 of a pound but expecting next week for all that to change as too many social events planned for this week...will try to compensate for it though :-) good luck everyone :-) x

  • Lost ahalf a pound , bit of a mix up last week still 7lbs in three weeks not bad , will keep on doing it, this cold wet weather just makes you want comfort food , eating lots of soup, seems to help.Can't wait for good weather and back to eating salads. Looking into a walk for fitness club that is in our town they meet on a Monday and Thursday morning but it has been so cold and wet I've been putting it off . I'm definitely a wimp when it comes to exercise , got to just do it.

  • I put on 200g, I know that isn't much - but I ought to be losing weight, not putting it on.

    I'm seeing the dietitian on 26th Feb. She wants to see me having lost weight! I have reactive hypoglycaemia, so struggle if I eat too little as that provokes a hypo. I was met by an ambulance off the bus on Monday evening as I was almost comatose on the bus as we arrived in the bus station. However, I went home with hubby and didn't have to go to hospital. Phew! But +200g isn't good either. Aarrgghh!

  • Wlc w4. Loss 2 lb

    SW 15st 7lb - now 15st 1lb - total loss 6lb

    Probably doesn't look much to everyone else but I suddenly feel in a much better mind set. Got a couple of buddies so we can encourage each other and finally feel like I can actually tackle my weight and get back in control and back to my pre pregnancy weight. So here's hoping that this is the last week I will ever weigh more than 15 stone :-) :-)

  • Wish you all the Ladylike Feelings back, perhaps you like some lipstick as a bonus treat for your success? Think of a treat for yourself!

  • Hallo, have a pleasant day!.... I am charmed (Hihi) by myself. I got on track again. I am starting now week 4 and I went down to 86.3kg this past week. I also got access to myfitnesspal.com/de and started now calculating my foods again and feel much more at ease with the calories than with the points at weightwatchers. Best wishes from Germany! :-D

  • Great week this week, a 2ib loss and went to the gym twice this week. Hoping to get out on my bike sometime this weekend and start my training for the c2c.

  • A 2ib loss, I am over the moon puts me in the 12 zone at 12.13 not been in this zone for a long time. I keep checking my scales.

  • Yet again no weight off this week but another cm off the waist, lard off other places and the running's getting better (long run up to 4 miles almost continuous and short runs getting easier). At this rate, I'll be getting down to target size but remaining 3 stone overweight!

  • Rotten week - cough turned to bronchitis and I turned to food. Put on a pound, did no exercise, feeling glum.

    Still, it's hopefully just a blip. A few days off work, plenty of paracetamol and now back to counting the calories. Feel I need to get over this hurdle of reaching a certain point then giving up. Need to stay away from diabetes and high blood pressure - and probably chocolate :(

    Dog says I should take her for more walks - she may be right.

    Wondering if my trousers may be a little looser?

    Glad to be able to read of people's progress on here - please don't stop or be put off by all the scammers, I need all the encouragement I can get.


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