Weightloss: Week 1

I started this week at 12st 7lb and have stuck to 1600kcal each day as well as doing the C25K run 3x per week.

Had an amazing week, managing to stick to my calorie intake by planning each day one week in advance and sticking to my list! :D

So... [drumroll]...I've managed to lose a whole 5lb!!! :D :D

Wooohooo! Watch out for my second week- can't wait!


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17 Replies

  • Well done. That's Great.

    S X

  • Well done....have you worked out you bmi as yet.how much would you like to lose in weight..?

  • Last week my BMI was 30.9 and after my weigh in it's down to 30.1. My goal is to get down to 10 stones, but I'm not focusing too much on this as the amount to lose terrifies me! I'm concentrating my weight-loss in a week by week basis and as long as I lose a little each week then I'll be happy! :D

  • Hi.my bmi was 28 in oct ....its now 25.92...getting there slowly...feeling the difference already can walk without feeling so out of breath..calories around 1600..

  • Awesome- well done you :D

  • Well done you!!! Bet you feel fab, That's a really good start. Hope you can carry that momentum through. I'm struggling at the moment, only lost 1lb last week. Can't seem to get my head in gear :-( xx

  • Feels amazing! I tend to lose quite a lot in the first week and then lose just 1lb a week after that. What calories are you eating? Any exercise? x

  • Brilliant, just proves its not rocket science!!!! Less in and more out gets the job done, the running would have really helped as well. Congratulations

  • Definitely, I think the hardest part is keeping on track of all those calories- it's so easy to 'accidentally' consume more than you intend!

  • Wow that is a considerable amount - well done :)

  • Thanks! :D

  • Well done I was thinking of giving it a go I'm up to nearly 12 stone, gained 2 stone since giving up smoking in April. Feel so uncomfortable in myself. Good to see it works for other people x

  • Definitely give it a go! Two tips for success: figure out calories at the beginning of the week- make a meal plan and stick to it; make sure you include exercise too- the C25K programme is excellent :)

    Good luck!

  • Wow! Iv been counting calories too. I was 12st8lb now im 12st. By sticking to 1400 calories n goin gym 3tymz a week but well done what i did in 3 weeks u did in a week!!

  • Haha I tend to have a big loss in the first week and smaller losses each week after that :) On average how much weight are you losing each week? How're you finding calorie counting?

  • Ive got app on my phone called myfitnesspal its amazing! Been counting calories it also tells u how much uv burned when putting in cardio. Iv pigged out today was stressed had arguement but im sure il work the evil calories off!

  • Aw good for you- it's not about the pigging out, it's about getting back onto the straight and narrow! :D

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