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Weekend terrors!

Here I am again with weekend giving me anxiety about if Im going to be able to eat healthy and I know that's it's stupid to worry about it but it's there all the same,also anxious as we are taking our dog to a dog home boarders today to meet the lady there who will look after him when we go away in may,hate the thought of leaving him,so many things that could make me go off track this weekend,help guys!

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I find weekends difficult sometimes but if you sit down now & plan your meals and any snacks that should help to stay on track. Don't beat yourself up if you go a bit astray but also remember you want a good result on Monday morning.

My current dog & previous ones have all loved going to kennels and drag me through the gates so good luck with that too.


Hi there

Thanks for your reply,I know what you're saying is right about planning and it's not like I haven't got the timeso I need to give myself a good talking to and sort myself out,glad to say the dog visit was a success so I'm feeling a lot more relaxed now,didn't want him to go in kennels as I feel he,d be stressed so living with the family in the house is ideal for us all x


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