Well here goes have tried numerous times to loose weight , lost 6 stone nearly 9 years ago and have repeatedly see sawed during this time, now find I am almost back at my heaviest and just dread the thought of all the weight I have to lose( 8st) !!! A long road ahead and know to take it to more manageable goals but reslly looking for support on the bad days .


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  • Please watch this programme ( which is the BBC Horizon programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer," which aired in August 2012. This led to the 5:2 Diet which is absolutely brilliant. I'd recommend Kate Harrison's book (only £1.99 on Kindle at present). I lost the three stone I needed to in six months without any special foods, diet supplements or expensive slimming club memberships and have kept the weight off since April. If you need to know any more I'd be pleased to tell you but I do urge you, for your health, to watch that programme.

  • Sorry to hijack this post, but, ginger nut 49, do you really eat just what you want five days a week or found still count Cals ? I have watched this and fat, sick and nearly dead last week so am interested in looking at these different diets. Fat, sick and nearly dead is about juicing basically. Watched it on netflix btw.

  • I've watched that programme but I can't afford the juicing he does!

    If you watch Michael Mosley's programme there's such a difference and I saved so much money by cutting right down on what I ate two days a week - basically I was just shopping for five days instead of seven. The first thing I understood from the programme (this was before Kate or Michael brought their books out) was to eat from smaller plates - I think we all pile our plates up far too high, I know I did. I also stopped snacking - I was shocking especially in the evenings! Yes, I did count calories on MyFitnessPal every day once I started 5:2 properly that October as I wanted to understand portion control better. My TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) was rather low then at 1790 so I didn't want to exceed that on the five days and undo the good I had done on the two fasting days. Many don't and eat what they want but I wanted to see quick results. The general idea is 2000 five days and 500 on two non-consecutive days. If I was at a friend's on those five days and there was cake then I enjoyed it (but I still guesstimated the calories)!

  • There's an article in the Daily Mail today you may find interesting.

  • Looby, several people I know have failed at this diet because on their non fasting days they think they can eat what they like five days a week, start by counting your calories and see how much you are actually eating daily......

  • Yes, that's what I was considering. Seems mad to undo all the hard work...

  • Cant see how the 5.2 would work for me, I work night shift on a two week rota andbits hard enough to balance food when awake for 26 hours so glad it worked for you but think I'll see how I go but thanksn

  • Many that I know do it successfully on shift work. Just have your 500 calories between sleeps. This video should help you understand it (

    It's far easier than you think it's going to be.

  • Good luck steps and perseverance. Xx

  • Hi. Ur post hit a note, not least as I previously lost 6 stones and over time put it back on. Now looking at getting it off again. It's certainly a long journey, but a worthwhile one. I have to focus constantly on why I am doing it. Makes food choices and exercising alot easier. Good luck on those bad days. I used to have a motto of not beating myself up about a bad day but making sure the next one was better.

  • Get angry about how I let mysrlf get as bad as I was, especially aft feeling great, healthy and actually liking myself, how much have you re.taken off?

  • Umm 3 weeks in and 6lbs lighter but mentally same as when I lost it previously. So hopeful i will succeed. I've always been overweight and to be honest am definitely a happy fat person inside! But recognise I would like to live longer so going back down for good this time! How did you loose it the first time? That was really tough. Being that size. Constantly thinking positively. Believing it before seeing it. Have to forgive urself and change what u can which is what u do today and tomorrow.

  • Lost the weight at weightwatchers without any hassle and really enjoyed it but 3 years ago I went for a whole year and the same 10lbs went on and off , realised that clubs dont work , your own determination is what u need . Not a happy fatty just now really dont like myself at all physically but dont want to be skinny either, am aiming to be a size 14-16.

  • Good luck start by making a small goal, feel free to join us on the Monday weigh in not a good week for me this week but I find I need to acknowledge my weight otherwise it runs away!

  • A set day doesnt work for me due to working night shift on a two week rota and the body seesaws quite a lot due to this, have found that if I am to weight myself on the 2nd day after I finish my shifts it seems steadierbut your right, you need to keep a routine and be honest with yourself, never know it might not be that bad !

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