So first week weigh in and I've lost 2lbs. 2 down 33 to go! Manage to set myself up a money jar- with every pound I lose, £1 goes into the jar. I can only spend it when £35 is in there and then that'll be a few pounds extra for my holiday :) Also i'm taking a photo each week of myself so in the coming weeks start to notice the difference and keep myself motivated- fallen off the bandwagon far too many times so i'm trying all the tricks in the book!

Set myself some mini goals in between so I keep on track- lose 3 lbs by next friday (graduation!) and be a stone lighter by 1st March. Challenge accepted!

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  • Great idea!

  • Love the idea and the mini goals, think I'll try this myself. Hope you enjoy your graduation :-)

  • Great idea setting mini goals, so simple yet sounds like it could be really effective!

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