#WLC Week 2 - Monday weigh-in

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Welcome to #WLC W2 weigh-in. How was your first week?

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-your goals for the coming week

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48 Replies

  • #WLC W2 No weight loss this week - but at least I have not gained!! Not able to do much exercise as printing my thesis out - stuck to a computer all week. Just done a bit of weight lifting - getting it to and from the bindery - and hope to increase the activity to see some loss by next week

  • #WLC W2

    No change on the scales today. Went to a birthday do on Saturday I had too much cheese and biscuits. Had a great time though and no regrets. Extra effort this week already been swimming and going to aqua-fit later.

  • #WLC W2

    1/2 lb loss this week, content with that as my aim first week was to try and cut back on my snacking/biscuits with every cuppa, evening etc. Also to encourage myself to increase my exercise and generally be more active which I have. Going to download week 2 to read tonight. Watched a holiday DVD from when I was at my heaviest 7 years ago, I am back at that weight now and feel so disappointed that I gradually put back on the 2.5 stone I lost. Going to dig out a then & in between photo and look at them daily for motivation! Have a good WK 2!

  • #WLC W2

    Weighted myself this morning and I have lost 1.5 pounds this week! I really did not think that I will loose any as had a few slip ups at the beginning of the week! I am really pleased with the result and hope I manage to continue this way! I did more exercise then recommended in the first week though so I guess maybe that had an impact! I have read guidance for WW02 and looking forwards to it already... fingers crossed there is a further improvement! good luck to everyone doing weighting today!

  • No weight loss but I am exercising more. Will stick to 1200 cals for another week with the extra exercise and see how it goes. May have to reduce calories as I've never lost weight on over 800/1000 cals before.

    Knees feel sore so may try elastic support for cardio/ find a more knee friendly form of exercise. I loath swimming so not quite sure what! Present exercise is walking and Rosemary Conley Ultimate Body Workout. The latter is fairly gentle and the aerobic section is low impact. Will try wearing trainers as may make a difference. I have 20 pounds to lose.

  • Have you thought about giving the NHS Couch to 5K programme a go? I found it to be brilliant and I've lost 2 stone since starting in July 2012. It's also made my dodgy knees stronger. The HU community for it is wonderfully supportive and encouraging. :-)

  • #WLC Week 2, Monday weigh in.

    Woo hoo 5lbs lighter

  • #WLC W2

    Well I'm down from 64.2 kilos to 63.6 (that's 1.2 lbs I think ) so I'm totally happy with that.Have run 3 times this week averaging 4K each time and been out for a bike ride.

    Had homemade pizza and some red wine on Saturday night and today it's my ' Fast Day '. Have a good W2 everyone !

  • #WLC W was a little deflated as only 1lb loss but I guess its the right direction have tried to cut out snacking still a little work to do on that one. Going to try and fit in some other exercise as well as the couch 2 5k fingers crossed for next week.

  • Hi bubbles654

    If u find it difficult with snacking, could u maybe try and have smaller meals throughout the day?, this would let u spread ur calorie

    intake better. U mite find it helps if u eat little + often :) x

  • #WLC W2

    2lbs lost despite having a virus & not managing any exercise. Phew! This online weigh in has definitely made me think about what I'm actually eating, rather than scoffing away without any thought at all.

  • #wlc w2. Totally thrilled....lost 4 pounds! Dye to knee op, no exercise, but just counting calories and cut out booze xx

  • #WLC W2 stepped on the scales, lost 4lbs this week .My doctor told me on wednesday to lose weight, actually the words he said were "just do it". Told him I had started this program and he was encouraging. The difficult thing is to continue to feel motivated when I have soooo much weight to lose and can't exercise much because of arthritis.

  • Set your self smaller goals as well as long term ones, good luck

  • Hi Prin thanks for that, I will set smaller goals and give myself nice non food rewards when I get there . Its great getting a reply, I've never been on any sort of forum before ,bit of a techno phobe, thanks again for the encouragement .

  • I have Rheumatoid arthritis and benefit from going to the gym 3X a week. I walk on the treadmill and after putting in my weight I see the calories climb. I put it so I go uphill at 4%. I have also started using the bike, as I am well supported on it. I can't swim, as my shoulders are too swollen. I'm sure there is some form of exercise you can do if you ask one of the experts.

  • maybe I am using my arthritis as an excuse? you've made me think seriously about getting out there and just doing it. I think that is going to be my motto for the next 12 weeks "just do it "

  • Do take it carefully though. STOP if you get any twinges of pain. Our gym also has a hand operated bike, for those unable to use a normal bike. Take care.

  • thanks, I understand that it will have to be gradual, I went on holiday to Holland last year, cycled a lot, everybody does, and couldn't walk for about 3 weeks after I got home due to the inflammation in my hips. Off for a nice walk to take in the sea and hopefully use up some calories.

  • Started week one at 80.6kg (177lbs), today weighed in at 76.9kg(169.5lbs)... Weight loss for week one is 7lbs! Dead chuffed :) been eating loads but mostly fruit and veg :) think my body is very thankful for the lack of pizza and chocolate! walked to work three times but not increasing the exercise until I've got the healthy eating going for a couple of weeks :) would like to loose another 2-3lbs in #WLC W2

  • Hi everyone, I have lost 4.4 lb this week which has meant my BMI is no longer obese! First goal achieved! Next goal is my five percent which is another 4.6 lb so I am aiming to get there by the end of the month. On the low side of life I did have to buy a new pair of trousers for work as so few items from my wardrobe fit me at the moment. But.... soon they will!

  • #WLC W2 Yay! I now weigh 80.4 Kg. I have lost 1.1 Kg since last Monday morning!! I have been trying to eat around 1400 calories per day, but have gone a little over every day. I have reactive hypoglycaemia and have had hypos for five of the last seven days, oops, so have had to eat sweet/carb stuff to get back on track. I have been to the gym 3 times, using 655 cals overall. I was hoping to lose about 0.5 Kg every week, and I'd be happy if next week I only lose 0.5 Kg. That's my aim.

  • Pleased to report I have lost 1.5kilo making me officially 'overweight' rather than obese (woohoo!). Lots of exercise this week - hoping I can keep up the momentum. Two glasses of Rose last night, but i felt that was well deserved after a 10k jog. Aiming for another kilo loss this week, fingers crossed!

  • Well done Jellymum. I bet you feel delighted. I can't wait to reach that stage. I've got another 5lbs to go and then I will be 'overweight' too. :-)

  • Thanks Legion, and good luck! It's a good feeling for sure.

  • Weighed in first week and I have lost 2.5 kg mainly due to cutting out drinking and juicing morning and lunch time. Good luck everyone keep going :-)

  • So, after a week I am so pleased...lost a full 9kg!!!

    I still have a very, very long way to go, weigh in was 110.9kg...BMI 35.8

    I'm keeping track witch 'myfitnesspal' and it's helping to keep focused, eating lots of veg and trying to limit carbs. Exercised x3 last week, just walking at a fast pace. Feeling better already!! I just have to keep it up, I don't want to get too disheartened when things slow down!!

  • I started well despite having a virus meaning I didn't want to walk, have just got back from a few days away when healthy eating was not a priority. Wow, can I feel that. Clothes tighter and am breathing more heavily (although virus won't be helping). I am not going to weigh myself until next week and concentrate on getting back on track.

  • Wlc w2

    Well not had a bad week, been to two classes and been more aware of calories using my fitness pal. My scales at home fluctuate everytime I stand on them so driving me mad. Have decided to use gym weigh in machine ( is same as boots ) and weigh 9st 1lb. Will weigh each s Saturday as when I go for a class so not sure how much I have lost this week but well done on everyone who has lost this week. X

  • Try not to weight yourself that frequently. Body weight changes everyday because we make differences in the intake of salt and water. I know it's tempting but limit your time in the scale to 1 time I week. I'm trying to do that too!

  • #WLC W2

    Lost 1kg this week, tried to stick to 1400 cals, sometimes I was under and sometimes I was over. Decided not to count on sun, until late in the evening and that's when I realised that I was over by 700 cals! Going to be extra careful this week. Well done to all of you. Let's keep it up.

  • Hi, I have just joined.been doing it one week and just weighed myself.I lost 7lbs so chuffed with that! Every time I was exercising or out walking I pushed myself, every time I thought about eating something naughty I thought of what my goal was and easily resisted which in the past has been hard. Long may this continue.

  • #WLC W2 Congratulations everyone. I've lost 2.5lbs so I'm very pleased. Good luck for next week

  • Down 4lbs! Thrilled but a very long way yo go. Started exercising for the first time and work helped, not thinking about things. Plan to do more exercise this week. Keeping focused on why I'm doing it and how better I will feel. Good luck to all.

  • Hi all!

    WLCW2 - Monday weigh-in: 2 KG's loss! (just over 4lb)

    I started with a bang over week one, very motivated, started exercising etc, and about 4 -5 days in it all fizzled down to just making sure I didn't go over my calorie intake limit..

    But overall I'm so happy to see some difference on the scale.. it makes me want to continue, although I may need to pace myself and stay positive

    I have also noticed that I'm quite hard on myself, and take slip ups to heart.. all this and it was only week one! Slow and steady ahead...

  • #wlcw2 despite being nervous about getting on the scales I've lost 2.5lb. I cut down on snacks and choc, but increased my exercise and now doing 5 times a week which is hard goin to fit it in, but will hopefully be worth it! Good luck everyone and keep it up, every little helps! :)

  • A 3lb loss which I'm v pleased about :-). I guess it will slow down a bit this week so maybe just a pound will be my goal. Am also.doing bridge to 10k so hoping that'll help shift it. So far eating has been okaaaayish (have stayed in my limit every day) but am starting to crave choc badly. Will have to buy some Options.til it passes. Good.luck this week everyone!!

  • #WLC W2

    No weight loss, but no gain either. Managed to run 3 times last week thanks to the motivational power of Jantastic, but have to be honest and say that apart from cutting out the alcohol for Cancer Research's Dryathlon (seem to have had a month of "joining", lol!) I haven't really been watching what I'm eating as much as I should have. So am writing off yesterday as well from an eating point of view, just about to go for first run of this week and will come back with my sensible eating head on...... hopefully :- / ! Othewise will restart the 5:2 diet as lost 7lb using it last summer.

  • Weighed in on Monday, 3lb lost, mainly due to not being able to eat properly thanks to recovery from diverticulitis. Luckily not as drastic as I'd thought the weight loss may be, as I'm aiming to lose 1lb per week. Looking forward to 'getting better' and being able to focus on this diet and exercise regime properly. At least I'm already focused on eating more healthily. Ran 3 times, as part of Jantastic. Didn't do any other exercise as I've been so tired, so hoping that will improve soon too.

  • A few days late posting but my first week and 3lb gone :). I didn't manage to do as much exercise as I wanted bit thats my goal this week.

  • Haven't had chance to post yet but I weighed myself on Monday and I've lost 1lb! Very happy! I did the Couch 2 5k 3 times that week and played squash but I hurt my knee last Friday so haven't been able to jog since so not expecting a good result next week. Itching to start running again though - I am really enjoying it!

    Well done to everyone - there are some major weight losses! Keep it up :)

  • 2:5 lbs weight loss, beginners' luck! I have joined gym so hope to see results each week, would be happy with 1 lb loss a week. Good luck this week everyone! Step by step, we'll get down those steep stairs.

  • #WLC W2 2 and 3/4lbs off this week would have liked to have lost a bit more but will keep at it at least it didnt go on will try to fit in more walking this week, having a bit of pain from hip operation side but hopefully surgeon will be able to explain why today , could it be my weight ? have a good week everyone!!

  • 4lb this week I can't believed it!! Not sure if it's the 12week diet plan or the 5k running plan but I'm made up!!!

  • #WLC w2

    5lb down from my starting weight this week but have reached the point I usually stick at and often give up Having a spring cleaning week (it's half term) and it's easy to wobble when passing snacks. The fruit bowl is a bit low and the chocolate drops keep calling. Tipped them out into a dish and got the rest of the family to scoff them while playing a board game this evening but couldn't resist a small handful. At least they're gone now. Looking forward to some motivation with MyFitnessPal friends (thanks to lauratherese for the idea). It's definitely the evening snacking where I come unstuck - I'm not hungry but do nibble and the calories soon add up. Think I'm not too good at accounting for everything I eat, tend to guess the meals eg. Our homemade mackerel pasta bake is probably about the same as a regular tuna pasta bake on MyFitnessPal? We don't follow recipes and usually add far more veg than most recipes though. Have definitely cut down on added fat and salt and hope to see an improvement in my high blood pressure.

  • Well week 1 done and I lost 1.5lbs ok not as much as I would have liked but it's a loss and I cannot be unhappy with that. I tried to stick to the 1400 calories but sometimes I was either over or under and I do kettlebell exercises everyday. Hopefully week 2 will be better as I have my fitnesspal to help me keep on track.

  • Hi! First week was OK. I struggled a little bit on Wednesday but after that things went pretty smoothly. On Saturday I had a meeting with some friends and I ate 1850 kcal (I guess wine does impair the capability to say no).

    Anyway I lost 1.4 kg this week and that's great!!

    My goals for next week are:

    - go to Zumba class 3x a week to fulfill the 150+ minutes of aerobic exercise goal.

    - eat 1200 kcal a day for 6 days and 1400 kcal 1 day (little treat)

    Thank you all for your support this week!!

    And good luck to you

  • I'm starting week 2 with a little spring in my step as I lost 3lb in my first week.

    Calorifically speaking I was within 1200 and 1400 calories four days out of seven. And I exercised on 5 of the days. I'm so glad that I'm using myfitnesspal as I think that it's helping me enormously and I feel really good about the rest of this week.

    Off to zumba now!

    Wishing a good week for everyone else!

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