Day 3 and struggling!

Eeek so I am a complete newbie here but hoping you guys will help kick my ass!

I'm day 3 in to my diet, and im being good but man am I struggling. I used to be a snacker, but I dont know what healthy snack (bar fresh fruit) I could eat, so any advice welcome!

I am very overwieght and want what ever weight I lose to last, along with longterm fitness, any tips?


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13 Replies

  • As you want to get fit long term, i would suggest that you try to get out of the habit of snacking altogether as it's one of the thing that put us here in the first place. This has been my first focus this week. I have been focusing on three really good meals a day and trying to forget the bits in between! I have had a few snacks this week which have been low fat yoghurt with a few seeds on top, low fat go ahead biscuits & fruit. If I buy biscuits I like to get the individually wrapped ones to try to prevent myself from eating the whole packet.

  • I find I do better not snacking and not having snacks in the house. I just end up thinking about food and eating more than I otherwise would. However, that is certainly not everyone's experience. In all honesty you can have whatever suits you as a snack in the context of what else you are eating - maybe you'll find it easier to reduce the calories in your meals than your snacks.

    Some strategies I find helpful: if it isn't far off mealtime, have the meal early rather than having a snack, have a glass of water (remarkably easy to confuse thirst with hunger), clean your teeth, telling myself I'll have something to eat when I've done X.

  • Fruit can have a high sugar and calorie content, and bars can be calorific and eaten quickly. I use raw veg baby sweet corn, sugar snap peas, carrot batons, sugar free jelly, sometimes beef tea- oxo cube in hot water! Good luck, my journey is done I am sure you can do it!

  • I find if I get too hungry I am likely to eat very badly.

    I carry a frusili bar with me for emergencies but tend rarely to eat one. I agree with Prin especially re the oxo if I need a savoury hit. Perhaps while you are getting used to eating less overall factor the snacks in to your daily calorie allowance. Good luck.

  • I agree with all the previous replies - try to get out of the habit of snacking altogether. Hunger can be allayed with a hot drink and keeping yourself busy. I lost three stone on the 5:2 Diet so that was only 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week so you soon learn tricks to allay hunger! It did work quickly though and I lost the weight I needed to in six months, so now I just fast one day a week to keep slim and trim. Next time you feel hungry have a drink and go for a walk instead of eating. The Leslie Sansone walking videos on YouTube are brilliant for exercise if you're not used to it, even if you just start by doing a mile a day. Good luck with your weight loss journey - onwards and downwards!

  • Just turn around please. I shall be obliged, indeed!

  • Hi, welcome to this community! I feel your pain, we have all struggled with snacking, I'm sure! I agree with all the other comments, especially about having a glass of water before heading to the food cupboard. I think trying to stick to 3 meals a day is hard, so about 4 o'clock, my lowest ebb, I have low fat corn thins (like rice cakes but tastier) smeared with low fat cream cheese or even a tiny but of peanut butter. Also I find a banana or a pot of practically no-fat yoghurt is good. One thing a friend who us a Personal Trainer identified as a factor in my diet was that I wasn't having anywhere near enough protein (I'm vegetarian) - I upped my protein intake and it made a huge difference, I don't feel perpetually hungry now.

    Good luck, we are here to support you on the way.

  • Don't snack, have three meals a day all without carbs, treat sugar like heroin and eat full fat everything. The fat keeps you satisfied for longer and doesn't make your blood sugar go up, sugar laden fat free promotes insulin production and insulin job is to regulate your blood sugar level and make body fat, so the best way is to not creat the condition where insulin is needed, fat is not the enemy, it is life vital and essential, when fat is removed by food producers they add sugar in its place and it is sugar that makes us all fat and wrecks our arteries.

    A good eye opener for a start and if you want more visit her website or look her up on YouTube.

  • I usually snack on cashew nuts (raw, not salted) and dried fruit. My fav are dried mangoes. I also enjoy bush tea ( we call it Rooibos) cos liquids can sometimes help with cravings. Just be careful of the liquids you do have because some can really set you back. Tea does it for me. Also watch out for oversnacking. DON'T eat snacks from the packet.

    Wish you all the best with your journey :-)

  • Are you American? The way you write suggests you might be. Could you clarify what you mean by 'used to be a snacker'?

  • Umm no, what I meant was snacking was my downfall and I am trying to give it up altogether.. like used to be a smoker lol

  • It was the mention of 'kicking ass', an American expression. Snacking is certainly a habit which has drifted across 'the pond' - we never used to do it here. They invented 'fast food' and that's another part of it. It's the curse of modern days. Food is so easily-available everywhere you look. Even going to the gym or the swimming-pool, little ones demand sweets, drinks, you name it. You'll have to forgive me. It's my generation. What would you do if you were limited to a ration of sweets a week? The equivalent of a chocolate bar now. A 'snack' then was a slice of bread and jam.

  • Thanks guys, felt much better today.

    Kept busy and did lots, made a real effort to plan my meals and get the right food in.

    This is a great idea! Wish I had known this kind of site existed sooner!

    Bring it on!! :-D

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