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Food for thought, perhaps?

I've noticed an article doing the rounds which suggests that certain foods, like refined pasta, "fast foods" and 'soft' drinks (soda's) are linked with depression.

Sorry, I haven't had the time to look into the science yet. (Yeah, it could be a pile of waffle!)

But, it made me wonder if some people are getting into a behaviour 'cycle' of eating the wrong food which leads to becoming depressive and leads to the lack of mood / motivation to do something about the 'excess' weight.

If that were so, perhaps, just a few changes to their diet might make a difference to their mood and give them the lift needed to tackle the problem.

So, if that sounds like you - go for the wholegrain versions of things like pasta, chuck the fizzy drinks and dust off your cooking skills!

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

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What's your view on whole-grains and pulses contain anti-nutrients and toxins, because they don't want to be eaten?


Hi Concerned,

I think wholegrains and pulses are a fine part of a balanced nutritious and varied diet, if used with a bit of sense. I eat both - in moderation.

Not that I'm particularly recommending either.

Nor am I recommending anyone eats raw kidney beans or other toxic foods, nor am I suggesting people should eat them, or indeed any other type of food, to the exclusion of other foods that would cause their diets to become unbalanced or less nutritious.

But, I was really thinking about the link between food and mood.

When I was much younger, I certainly found that some alcoholic drinks - heavier beers like porter / stout - seemed to put me in a querrelsome frame of mind. So, I made a conscious decision to drink alternatives when out socialising.


Hi Doilkosp,

As you may well be a where I have my own issues with mental health, I find this time of year very difficult, the stresses of Christmas, lack of Sunshine and a lack of heat. (I haven't been to the gym since Saturday. will make myself go back on Thursday) I find it very difficult to eat healthy. I crave stodgy comfort foods, such as apple crumble, apple pie and cream. I don't want to sit here and just eat fruit on it's own or bowls of Salad, it's too cold, as a consequence my mood has really dipped over the past week and I have gained a pound in weight. So yesterday I had to give myself a good talking too before thing get out of hand again. I made up a big bowl of salad and have been eating dried fruit. Tomorrow I will make a big saucepan of vegetable soup and start stewing fruit. I will report back next week and I bet my mood will be a lot more upbeat.

I truly believe you are what you eat.


There is some very good information on the mind.org website linking mental health/mood to food.



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