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Need help!! :(

Hi, I joined about a month ago but I also started uni (3rd and final year) at the same time. I'm finding it really difficult to get a meal plan that won't require me spending so much money. I've joined my local gym and I plan to go everyday.

It's gotten to the point where even my boyfriend is telling me to lose weight (and he NEVER says anything about my weight!!)...so I know it's bad now -_-

Anyone know of a meal plan that is money conscience? Or what I could do? I would love to lose 5kg by the time I finish uni (May 2014). Replies very much appreciated :D

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My son is also in his 3rd year at uni and his kitchen cupboard is full of pasta! I know its tough going when you're on a budget. Perhaps you could cook healthy meals with your housemates and share the cost?


Try to use pasta, rice, low fat yoghurts, use meat for flavouring e.g. ham, chorizo. Get your veggies and fruit from a market or us the aldi special buy fruit veg. Aldi and lidl are brilliant for good but cheap foods. Eat cereal and cheese (although not cast quantities) Knock out anything sweet or alcoholic for a while and walk everywhere. Hopefully, you''ll sort it quickly. (ps former student with a weight problem , not a diet expert!)


I live well on a budget of £20 for myself and four cats. I've also lost 20 kg in six months on the 5:2 Diet which has saved me money as two days a week I only eat 500 calories. I use an app called MyFitnessPal and log my calories on those days and it's easy on there to work out recipes and how many calories there are in them. Work out your TDEE - the amount of calories you use in a day and eat less than that on the other days. (http://thefastdiet.co.uk/how-many-calories-on-a-non-fast-day/)

I make up a batch of soup every few days - root veg such as sweet potatoes, some red lentils for protein, curry powder and onions - cook for about 30 minutes and blend or push through a sieve - it's delicious. Don't eat much pasta or potatoes if you're trying to lose weight - better to fill up on other vegetables. Make casseroles using just a little meat and lots of veg. Use Splenda or Truvia instead of sugar. Don't use butter or other spreads. Eat your food from small bowls or plates and don't go back for seconds. Cut down on alcohol as that has empty calories and that will save you a huge amount. Let us know how you get on!


Buy tinned fruit in juice which won't go off like fresh fruit and add 2 tableapoons of fat free yoghurt with a tablespoon of honey - makes a yummy breakfast. Wholemeal pitta bread spread with tomato puree then add slice of ham, tomatoes and half fat mozzarella then melt under grill - yummy lunch. Batch cook soups e.g. sweet potato and red pepper, buy frozen veg. Stir fries are great for using up veg in fridge with turkey - yummy dinners! Hope that helps a bit :-)


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