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Stuck ....and very unhappy about it

Since January I have lost 36lbs by monitoring my calorie intake ( the daily calorie level has been calculated properly) and exercising more ( I walk at least 3.5km per day) and I still have around 28lb to lose ...BUT......I have been stuck for the last 4-5 weeks at the same weight. I MUST lose more weight so I can be referred for an operation. I am becoming very depressed and unhappy about it all. Yes, my measurements have gone down but doctors don't look at that, they only look at the numbers on the scale.

Does anyone have any suggestions to 'kick start' my weight loss again.

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Well done on your weight loss so far. I've found in the past, when my weight stayed the same, that the best thing to do is shake things up a bit. Try doing different exercises and different meals - sometimes we get stuck in a rut without realising it. Good luck!


Well done on your weight loss. Counting calories is only part of the solution, you need to be eating the right kind of food: lots of natural fibre in veg and not too many carbohydrates. This article is from an obesity specialist.


If you are still stuck for weight loss, have a look at low carb websites. The

Diet Doctor is a good one. dietdoctor.com/swedish-expe...


Hi Renka,

Don't give up. Congratulations on your weight loss. I have also experience being stall on my diet plan to lose weight.

Just keep on going, you may investigate a very low carb high fat diet with moderate protein. Investigate this on the internet. I have transition my diet from caloric counting and exercise to a paleo diet and exercise. You may want to find a holistic nutritionist and work with them to set up your diet. One thing to remember never give up keep moving forwards, your body will eventually start to lose again. The current stall is only temporary (even though it may take some time).

Best of luck,



Sometimes it is a good idea to go back to rigorous weighing and measuring (if you are not doing it now), it does creep up. And tweaking your exercise, adding in some different types, and using an interval format for some sessions.

That said, a plateau of that duration does seem very common and then a sizeable drop, so the main thing you may need to do is keep your spirits up so that you keep doing what you are doing.


I know how you feel, I went to a gym for six weeks three times a week and eat healthy for that time and didnt loose a thing, so I left. But talking to another lady she was the same and it took 8 weeks for her body to kick in. You have done so well and should be so proud for yourself. Get a photo of yourself and stick up somewhere and take a photo now so you can see how far you have come. Keep GOING, your heading in the right direction.


It sounds like your body has adapted to your new lifestyle. Try powerwalking or walking further or gym workouts.


This sounds interesting; could you explain more please? The energy balance equation doesn't say anything about adaptation.


Any workout to [slightly] systematically stress the body improves its capacity to exercise: as the fitness level increases, the amount of energy required reduces, and it becomes easier – the body has adapted. It may also become easier due to “Muscle Memory”.

Another reason for weight loss stalling...I found that as I lost weight, the gym machines reported fewer Calories burnt for the same exercise! I overheard a training instructor describe it like this:- “An overweight person will burn more Calories jogging on the treadmill because for a split second both feet will be off the ground at the same time, so this person has had to lift more weight into the air than a thinner person and thus expends more energy.”


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