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My progress report 1

Morning guys,

Hope All are doing well. I was looking into some diet topics and some bodybuilding stuff. I came across a food thing which I like a lot. It’s to divide your food intake in to 7-8 meals. Add a lot of protein and carbohydrates according to your needs. If you guys need more on this topic please visit bodybuilding.com and search for motivation and then you can look on each individual. That’s what I am doing at the moment. I did follow 7 meals since last week. I was 102 kgs and now I am 101.45 kgs. its not much difference but every little thing counts ;-).

I hope by the end of January 2014 I will loose at least 5-10 kgs and hopefully by Christmas 2014 I will wear my sexy Santa thongs ;-)))

I have joined a gym last week’s Saturday and my first day was terrible as I did 0.1 km in 2 minutes and I was off breathe. Today I am proud because I ran for 8:30 mins and I did 1 km on speed of 7km/hr and inclination of 3% on a tread mill.

Since last week I feel more happy even if I have not loosen a great amount of weight but it’s just a beginning.

So every day you will improve. There will be a lot of social pressure on you also but you will learn to handle it. It’s your health which comes first than every other thing. Last thing I notice that everyone will like to give you advice on everything but you can listen it and then follow what you feel is the best for you.Also when you go to a gym or health club, you will see some one running faster than a horse or having a body much bigger than Arnold but keep in mind they were all like you once and time and planning make them perfect and so will you. leave all your ego aside and start from baby steps no matter what age you are or what weight you are having.

I will keep you guys update with my progress.

Have a good day!

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I try exactly the same lost 7kg.my calorie intake was 1400 cal.logging it.and spreading into 8 small snacks.so i end up eating every 2 hours.never felt hungry.if you have headache then have a carb.by eating often i boost my metabolism and lost weight rapidly.Most importantly i cook from scratch.No ready proccess rubbish (God knows what they put inside)from supermarket.By this way while cooking you are burning calories and food you prepare contains less calorie(can eat bigger amount)


Food I prepare contains fewer calories only because I have already consumed some of them whilst cooking!


Find what works for you. I prefer 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks if i need them.


We're all different. I only eat one meal two days a week and two meals five days a week - never eat breakfast. Hunger goes in waves and can easily be distracted by having a hot drink and keeping busy. I lost three stone in six months.


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