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Having had an extremely bad eating and exercise week I am beginning this week with a positive attitude and an achievable goal; to eat healthily. Work has been extremely busy recently so I haven't had time to go to my exercise class in the evening and I probably won't again this week but I am not giving up. I intend to eat well and walk home instead (about 3 miles). I have felt terrible this weekend due to my poor diet so I am looking forward to feeling more energetic and less sluggish!


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5 Replies

  • I'm trying to be good this week as well. Been on 1400 calorie diet for nearly six weeks only lost a pound :-(

  • Good luck both. I am trying to kick start as well.

  • Try 'The Fast Diet' by Michael Moseley - [amazon] or the 5:2 diet, same thing really. Both are thoroughly 'do-able'. Don't go for any quick fixes though, they really don't work. Walking is the best exercise I've found.

  • Having an achievable goal is a very good idea, eating healthy is the one to get right first. Hopefully the weight loss will follow. Well done on finding time to exercise, it is so good for your health, even if you don't lose weight. Perhaps walk one way to start with? I found that giving up sugar helped me feel more healthy, look out for the "hidden" sugar in foods.

  • On another topic I wrote that 1400 calories are too many for me and I used an on-line calculator to find my TDEE which actually comes to between 1250-1300 calories and I am more comfortable with this. Positive thinking definitely works and rather than think about what I would like to lose, I congratulate myself on what I have actually lost!Even if it's under 1 lb. It took a long time for the weight to go on, so I'm not looking for a quick fix (yo-yo ing is bad for you)

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