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just started gf way of eating, lost 8 pounds in 3 days.


yes just started this gluten free way of eating, after my 4th bout in 2 years of diverticulitis, I have scattered diverticula and ibs my whole life, my good friend wanted me to try this, I never tested positive for the celiac or other condition, but I always have tummy issues, 20 some years ago I was having migraines, had skin allergy test, came bk high allergy to rye grass, now I know that's pollen, but still I always look any where from 5 to 7 months pregnant, but last illness I looked 9 moths with twins, really, they did another endo which I healed my self from stage b ulcerative esophagitis, using coconut milk, goat cheese and RAW honey, I treated myself and in less than 2 weeks the second endo stated normal esophagus, and stomach, I was drinking sips all day long of the coconut milk, could not find goat milk so I use goat cheese, of the first endo was 3 years prior, but I could not swallow a lot of different foods, reflux etc. so I started this gf cause my friend wanted me to, she is a health person, and knows a lot about holistic ways, by the end of the day I was pain free, the next morning my tummy was like 5 months preg, in the evening I weighed and lost 7 pounds, now a pound a day my fingers are no longer stiff, and the little bit of swelling in feet and hands are gone, as of today lost 2 more pounds, I feel great is this like normal, what ever I made zucchini bread gf today, not bad. I will never stop this gluten free way of eating, I am on cloud nine, thanks for letting me share!

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Well done. It is awful always having a boated stomach. I have cut down on bread as like you I noticed I bloated and looked about 5 months pregnant if I ate a lot of bread. Never had any stomach problems other than a bit of reflux if I ate too much or something very fatty and the bloating. Noticed a big difference cutting bread down (not out completely). Am cutting down portion size and sugar at the moment as well as bread and losing about 1 lb a week which I am very happy about.

same here, even more so with breads, but I find that being gf, I feel better physically, and mentally than I ever have lost another pound today, feeling so good will never go back, my tummy is getting a bit smaller evry day,>> sad that we cant have our cake and eat it too!!! But I do feel good! Thanks for the feedback, best wishes your way!

Penel in reply to JodiQ

It might be worth asking your doctor about coeliac disease, if you haven't done so already. It can be difficult to get a diagnosis, but it can be worth it, as you should get follow up treatment and monitoring.

But, I do know how much better you can feel once you give up gluten!

Good luck with your new way of eating. There are some good gluten free flours out there now, so cake is still possible (just a little!).

JodiQ in reply to Penel

I made gf zucchini bread yesterday w/o the nuts wasn't bad, recipe on bobs red mill xanthan gum, yes I bout the flour, and the corn grits too. So I guess I can have the cake and eat it too, just keeps getting better, whooo hoo!

Hi Jodie, I too have IBS and DD and never thought about going gluten-free. Did you start by excluding all foods containing gluten or gradual elimination? I am glad that your symptoms are subsiding and you feel much better. Did you mention joint pains in your first post?

Penel in reply to Zbdee59

If you think you may have a problem with gluten, it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. If you have to have a blood test to check for antibodies, you need gluten in your system. Coeliac disease is an auto-immune problem, and can be associated with other auto-immune disorders. If you exclude gluten and then re-introduce it, your reaction to it will probably make you feel really ill.

You can have joint pains as one of the symptoms of coeliac disease. Not all doctors know much about gluten problems, but it might be worth asking before you eliminate it.

Zbdee59 in reply to Penel

many thanks for your reply, I will consider speaking to my GP before I change anything

From what I have read from other who suffered ibs or DD, and both like you and I, that if you start and know this is right for you, then your dr is going to want to take blood test to see if you carried the antibodies ( anyone out there that needs to correct me, please do, I am new to this stuff) then they might want to do an endo, for a biopsy, but hears the thing you MUST stop the diet and eat as before, which if your like me, I will never ever go back, one I'm to scared, I don't care if I have a right diagnoses or not, but maybe its something to do with your insurance not sure, or if you have another attack they can treat you better with other meds, so you might want to now discuss with your doctor that you want to see if this can help your issues, if your dr want listen to you, maybe find someone who will. I wish I would of talked with my dr first, I just had came home from colonoscopy and endo, and knew I could not continue the way I was, cause basically i'm headed for a major operation, now I truly believe I was either allergic or had a sensitivity ( don't believe crone disease, maybe celiac it is? The dd is forever, but I have not had any major issues with gotta go gotta go, since I started, I don't have stiffness in my fingers, which I stated having in my early twenties, now late fifties, wish some dr, I've seen many would of figured this out!!! Your question sorry lol> you must stop all gluten products, there are many articles on what not to eat and what you can, I am using a lot of product at the store by bob's Red Mill, you must check out the site, and this amazing man, he makes sure that there is no cross contamination in his factory, sell flour pancake mix cake mix, you can get in most stores, by the way i'm in the USA, Virginia. You'll find out anything pre cooked has gluten just about today I had chicken strips in salad, juiced at lunch carrots, apple and oranges, made a glass, mix in the Metamucil, and 2 tablespoons of coconut butter, I made with the coconut oil, and raw honey, I can have dairy, but so many can not, so there i'm very lucky, but I still like coconut and almond milk, good luck keep us posted! Vans a product as well, how I get my cereal and protein chocolate bars gluten free, cause you can not have chocolate or candies, unless you make it, that's what I have read.

I went Wheat Free earlier this year, and now I am just about 99% Gluten Free also. I found giving up wheat I no longer had horrible Carb Cravings mid afternoon, to be honest I've not looked back, there are so many replacement GF products available these days, it's not that hard to do.

I had major emergency bowel surgery last year which has left me with a bit of an IB, removing Wheat/Gluten has also helped with that.

There is an interesting article about a protein found in modern wheat called WGA here robbwolf.com/2013/02/28/whe... it's well worth a read if you were not already aware of it. One of the things it's said to do is make some of us hormonally fat, the last thing anyone needs if they are trying to lose/maintain weight :)

Hi Olsbean, you just made me realize something...This is only day 5 for me being Gluten free, and I'm not craving my pastas, and all the other bad stuff I was eating, I was a big fan of mayo, I don't even know if I can eat it lol, since dairy is not a problem with me, your so right, I am much more happier with this way, no more bloating, and I don't hardly think of food every dang minute, I think I use to eat cause I thought I was hungry, but only could feel satisfied an hour or so, now I feel good all day with just 3 small meals, and I do juice as well. Will chk out your site, oh why 99% is that just because some things are so mi-nute?

Hi Olsbean, I am going to check the website you mentioned now. I have no indication whether I need to go on a gluten free diet other than my IBS and DD conditions, joint pains and weight. I have found that GPs/Specialists in general are not interested in pursuing any further once you have a diagnosis of DD in particular and that one has to just get on with it. Thank you for your input, this is really 'food for thought' and will check it out further.

Another useful book is "Wheat Belly". wheatbellyblog.com

HU also has a gluten free site, called Gluten Free Guerillas.

Thanks Penel, wow, shocking, you know I have suffered with vertigo since 1996, they know I have 35 percent nerve damage, but many many test can't explain it, I am treated with valium, but it comes and goes, about once every few months its hits me to where I need meds for maybe a day or two, but I always feel a shadow of it, when I move my head suddenly, laying down and jumping up too fast, etc. Just told my husband I have not had one symptom since I started going gf. I know its only been 5 days, but after I read the article you suggested, makes me wonder, God I can only pray, thanks so much for sharing!

Legion in reply to JodiQ

I've just found out that I have DD, after a very nasty bout of diverticulitis following Christmas. I've been suffering from occasional attacks since August 2011 but didn't know what it was until now. I'm interested in you mentioning vertigo. Is that a symptom or linked in some way? I've also been getting vertigo on and off for just over a year, often at the same time as the div flares up.

JodiQ in reply to Legion

I have had no more attacks of diverticulitis, will always have diverticulosis, I lost weight in beginning, now I believe it was fluid from inflammation, cause I did after 10 pounds, gained bk 5. But no more pain, its only been a few months tho, but I was in pain everyday, I have messed up twice, no issue. The vertigo has came back a few times I'm glad you wrote, looking back don't know if those were the few times I messed up, somewhere I seen that there is a higher capability of having diverticulosis and vertigo, seems like a strange connection, right?! But if you think about it, and research causes of multiple sclerosis, an other nerve and muscle disorders, it will all make sense, like chemicals causing nerve damage, in effect can attack our bodies on all levels. Best wishes to you, as I know just how scary this whole thing is>ps get the fit-bit if you want to lose weight, xms present & I luv it! Fit -Bit one is clip on, fit-bit Flex is wrist on.

Legion in reply to JodiQ

That's great that you haven't had any more attacks. I think my latest and worst one was brought on by a) being dehydrated (due to stupid rules at work) and b) over-indulging at Christmas. At least now I have some understanding of what I should do to minimise a recurrence, when this one finally settles down. How long did you find it took to settle?

The internet and especially HealthUnlocked are great for information and finding others who know what you're going through. Interestingly, I have a close relative with MS, so maybe all these things are much more closely connected than anybody knows. I wish there was a proper source of information out there and a forum dedicated to DD but it seems to be bundled in with other digestive issues, at best.

I've been running (on and off) for a year and a half and have lost nearly 2 stone. Still got another 3.5 stone to go, but the diverticulitis is giving me a headstart on my 2014 weight loss, whether I want it to or not. ;-) I have a Garmin GPS watch that I use for running and I always keep my 'Walk With Me' pedometer in my pocket, so I think I've got that covered. ;-) The Fit Bit does sound good though if I didn't already have those.

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