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90 Day measurements - 8lbs loss (Total 90 day loss 38 pound)

90 Day measurements - 8lbs loss (Total 90 day loss 38 pound)

Hi guys this month the weight has slowed down to 2 pound a week. I'm happy with this as its healthier. I've had a few treats this month but I've been training every day so I don't feel too bad about it , I see it as a little reward for my hard work.

I started kick boxing and now going 3 times a week which is really helping with my fitness. Ive also been with walking for at least 45 mins a day, weights, and using Chris Powell level 3 on dvd. Also adding in some wii fit yoga, and biking to make sure I'm not getting bored with one work out.

Total hours exercise for this month 58 hours; not as much as last month but I had to go easy for a couple of days as i pulled muscles in my first few kick boxing lessons :P...

Bust relaxed- 49 1/2Deep Breath - 50 1/4

Hip- - 45 1/2

waist- - 42

Belly button - 47 3/4

Left Bicep relaxed- 14 1/4flexed- 15 1/4

Right Bicep relaxed- 14 3/4flexed- 15 1/2

Thigh( thick joggers) - 23 1/4

(Body Fat Pinches) Using calliper

Bicep - 16

Tricep - 29

Hip - 45

Shoulder Blade - 23

Total -113mm

Weight - 14 stone 6 = 8 pound loss this month

my goal for next 30 days is to be under 14 stone fingers crossed :)

I wish everyone luck on there weight loss journey

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Hi Mellowmel,

Well done on your excellent weight loss journey so far. Very inspiring.

Good luck with your goal for the next 30 days.

Lowcal :-)


Yes well done- for keeping at it as well as the exercise. also admire your bravery in putting up the scale photo.

Have a good week


Thanks for the support guys :) I hope you's have great weeks swell.

Yea Suzybenj I admit I used to shy away from the camera but Ive finally accepted what weight I am, so now I take a picture of the scales once a week/ 2 weeks for a visual aid in seeing what Ive lost, it really helps me see how far i've come :)


Well done! Great progress :)


Even your toes look thinner


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