I did it

Haven't been on here for a while. but I'm pleased to announce that when I started using this site back in January 2013, I weighed 11st 4lbs aged 52 and 5ft 1in tall my BMI was 29.21, today I'm weighing in at 9st 3lbs and my BMI is 23.94 aged 53.

I have been really struggling to lose these last few pounds but I got there in the end. This has been achieved through healthy eating and hard work in the gym. If I can do it anybody can.

Good luck to the rest of you on your weight loss journey.

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  • Congratulations legs2013 - good to hear.


  • Hi Legs2013,

    Congratulations on your weight loss. Very inspiring. Well done!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Massive congratulations.

  • Well done, congratulations! :)

  • amazing! well done!

  • And here's your 'I did it!' badge! Congratulations Legs2013. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us all!

  • Thank you I will.

  • Fab, well done!

  • thanks for that - struggling a bit at the moment - needed a bit of success to cheer me on. well done really fantastic achievement

  • Wow, what an inspiration! Great work!

    N x

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