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Hello everyone. I am new here. started lossing weight 6 weeks ago after being told that if i didnt get my BP down I may not be here in 7 years time. Harsh but true!

Anyway, since then I have lost half a stone but today i am feeling a bit deflated. i have friends telling me they lose a stone a month and weight loss is easy. well, for me it isnt. i am watching my calorie intake and have started ther NHS couch - 5k podcast thing.

Just lookingf for the truth, am I doing ok?!

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Hi amjam, you shouldnt feel deflated you've lost 7 pound at healthy rate, by watching calories and exercise thats excellent. people who are trying losing weight healthily roughly lose 1-2 pounds a week so your well on track well done.


There are foods to avoid and certain foods to eat to get high BP down. Basically fresh veg and fruit and especially apples are good for this. Just stick at it; giving up is not an option.

"Losing weight ISN'T difficult - IT'S HARD WORK!"


I suffered with High Blood Pressure for years, I discovered you can lower it quite quickly, literally within days by changing what you eat. You might be able to glean some information that helps from this older post healthunlocked.com/!/#nhswe...

Good Luck.


I think you are doing really well, as you're losing weight gradually but steadily, and that's much better than rapid weight loss. Good luck with this week.

Best wishes,

Lowcal :-)


You're doing very well. Don't worry about what other people are doing. You are losing weight and that's what counts, and at a very healthy rate too.

Let us know how you get on with the C25k :)

Carolyn x


A stone a month?

I am losing a stone every 3 months.

You are doing this for yourself, losing 1 to 2lbs a week is a good way to go.

I sometimes don't loss in a week but I don't gain.

Chin up and keep doing what your doing because its working for you.


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