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Hi fom John


Hi folks. I have just joined the site, having decided seriously to lose a stone or more. I have type 2 diabetes, and the weight I have gained won't help my health. I am an emotional eater - opening the fridge when stressed. I am hoping that I can get out of the silly eating patterns that keep the weight on. 17 stone 4 pounds today. Here's hoping!

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Hi John

I have joined to lose about one stone in weight as well. I also eat for emotional reasons so much so that when it comes to meal times I can't say that I am truly hungry but eat out of habit. My aim is to bring my eating in to a more ordered pattern as well as include healthier foods and moderate exercise. My official day for starting is tomorrow but I am considering what I eat today rather than have 'a last day' of the same behaviour which carries on. Hopefully, we will both achieve what we want.

Hi John,

just to wish you good luck. There are probably going to be good days and bad days, the trick is that the there are more the good ones, i.e. when a bad day happens (stress, overeating) just ignore it it go right ahead to planning of a good day.

I have a risky food day today - long train journey each Tuesday to visit a friend in hospital. Feeling stressed, I overeat on sandwiches and crisps etc. Today I am determined not to do this. The scales still read 17.4 and I would love to see lower.

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