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Half Way Through The First Week !!!


Wow !! ok half through the first week and didn't realise i would be feeling good about my self again. It feels great to achive that im slowly feeling good about my self , it's been a while . I've been doing loads of exersize every day and keeping a sleeping diary, also writing down what i need to do the following day. It's a nice feeling. Im so greatfull for advice and all the support im given with everyone on this website. I feel for the fisrt time in 4 years that i can actually achieve something in my life if thats losing the weight and getting fitter, Im HAPPY :-)

Does anyone know what the calories are in utterly butterly the light version per serving im finding difficult to know what it is ?

Many Thanks

Tart :-)

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hi, it should state on the packet per serving how many kcal that it contains. Hope this helps you x

Tart an ap like my fitness pal has loads of stuff listed

5 gr = 18 calories according to a site I have just found - I would this 5 gr could be around 1 tsp. Hope that helps.

for me things like milk and butter i havent actually calculated since the first week then gave up tbh so long as your not laying it on thick and using a low fat variety it didnt seem worth measuring out for me, i also stopped adding the calories for the spices i use only on the rare occassion i use a packet mix for something do i add the calories on the packet

tbh when i was eating two slice of toast every day in work at the beginning i used butter the real stuff as im not really a fan of marge and low fat spreads and tbh i also like real food not chemically processed foods which most brands are although it may have more fat in it for me it has less preservatives and additives its up to you to decide though

im now on v2 week2 and total loss so far is 20lbs

Weigh the tub before and after you've spread it on your toast (or whatever it is).

The tub usually has a per 100g, so from there you can work out a per gram amount, and then times that by how many grams you've just worked out you've used from the weights of the 2 tubs.

Thank you for all the comments and i finally worked out the calories for butter. Im struggling over the weekend but i have learnt to control my eating habits. Feeling really good and positive about the progress i have made slowly :-)

Tart :-)

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