Epic Zumba Fail

My plan was to go to zumba last night but I chickened out an hour before (hanging head in shame) I just don't have the confidence to do it, I know I should just go for it but something is stopping me so for now I'm sticking to my exercise bike and trampoline at home !! I did resist the urge to buy a big tub of ice cream yesterday (result ) . Today is a new day and I have managed to get up early to exercise before work : )


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7 Replies

  • It's ok that you didn't make it to Zumba. You're just not ready yet. No need to pressure yourself. Maybe make it a goal to go in 4 weeks say?

    As long as you're using the bike and trampoline you're are burning calories and keeping fit.

    I have a mimi trampoline that I work out on most mornings. It's bloody great!

  • Do you have anyone you can go with for moral support? You will have so much fun and the hour whizzes by!

  • I started with aquarobics as I have no coordination and hated my body... that was three years ago and I lost 2 stone - I then gave up smoking and put it on again I am now 15lbs into losing that weight and go to all sorts of classes and love it

  • Ah bless you. I'm 14 st there are another 2 to 3 women equally big, we always have a laugh as it doesn't matter if you spin wrong way or have to left feet. It's a great class as you work to your level, stepping, jumping etc how much and high you want to, by end of class I'm not jumping lol I'm stepping, buy hey still moving :-) so when you are ready and go expect to have fun, gradually up how hard you work. If you don't have a laugh I'll be disappointed. Meanwhile well done you for avoiding comfort eating and continuing your exercise :-)

  • I lost 4 stone and have put 2 back on so my confidence has taken a bit of a knock, I think I will stick to exercise at home for now till I get my confidence back............then maybe try again with more success

  • I felt very self conscious at first, but soon forgot myself and thoroghly enjoyed it. Its the only exercise class I actually look forward to and I do yoga and pilates several times a week. Have a go. Just stick to your own level (its not a competition) and if you don't like it, then walk out and don't go back. Its the things in life we don't do that we regret the most? All the best.

  • why not try a taster session? nobody would say anything if you went wrong or decided you did not like like it. I was worried about starting at the gym but everything is OK and I really enjoy it. Don't be so down on yourself after all we all have to start somewhere. I also go to aqua jog which is a great exercise.

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