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1st week nearly done

food wise, I am not doing too badly. by and large staying within the 1400cals mark. a little arlarmed though if I lokk into the food focus food blog that the carb is around 100+ each time. I agree low carb is a faster way of losing the weight, but my husband likes his bread! as I do my rice/noodles!

anyway, come monday, I shall weigh in and see how effective this particular wieht loss plan is for us.

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Hi leny,

As long as you are losing weight at a sensible rate and getting all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet there's no need to cut out/drastically reduce carbs.

You can always swap unhealthy for healthy options by having wholemeal bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

I don't know how overweight you are or what your previous eating habits are like, but if you are anything like me, your portion sizes of pasta etc are probably just too big.

Even if you stick to normal rice pasta etc but follow the guidelines on the packet for portion size you will probably find the weight loss comes along just fine.

Good Luck and hope you have a happy weigh in :)


Hi leny,

I would suggest that if you do eat bread then a) go for qood quality bread (e.g. wholegrain) or perhaps sourdough (as it has a different sort of texture and I find it's more filling) and b) eat very little of it (I limit myself to 2 slices a day - off of a 400g loaf).

For me, the days of cutting fresh warm 'doorsteps' of bread and putting on lashings of butter and strawberry jam are over.

But then, the days of me having a 40 in waist are also over!

And DO weigh out sensible portion sizes of things like rice, pasta, muesli, etc. You may just find you surpise yourself as to what a 'portion' (even by the manufacturers' notions) actually amounts to.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


thanks, both. we only eat vogel soy and linseed bread. delicious. and I can happily stick to just 1-2 slices a day, phil will have more.

I will be happy losing 4 kg and phil needs to lose 10 really, but will be happy enoguh with a5-6kg. just to get the BMI in the healthy range.

the exercise bit is tricky too. I work as a nurse in an old people home, so I am fairly active half of the week. cannot imagine myself exercising regularly really.


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