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week 8 - a bit off target

Week 8 and I am 3 pounds off target. Which actually is ok - life is after all for living. Bank hoilday weekend - was great - but excessive and then took the kids to London - to do the full tourist thing. I didn't go mad - my kids did with everything - I made reasonably healthy choices, by not having the full english breakfast (don't actually enjoy then much anymore), a controlled lunch and pretty much what i wanted in the evening- which included, thai, mexican and chinese. I didn't feel deprived i felt in control and knew i would be really cross if i weighed in today having undone all the good work. So couple of pounds on and didn't lose the pound I was sheduled to lose.

I will need to lose 4 pounds this week to be back on target - I am going for a modest two pounds - anything else is a bonus!

Happy weight loss everyone.xx

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Sounds like you are doing great and making changes that are sustainable.

It's good to read posts like yours where you still enjoy life but are losing weight through being sensible and not going crazy depriving yourself left right and centre.

I have no doubt that you will get to your happy weight.

Best wishes


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