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Overweight and unhealthy

Just found this nhs weightloss site, and thought I would give it a go. I have tried weightwatchers, rosemary conley etc and lost, give up, then gained again. I know for health reasons I need to loose weight but this seems to have made me worse, I am eating like never before. I am classed as overweight on the BMI Tool and need to loose around 17lbs

This is the start of week 1

Never written a blog before it feels a bit odd....

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Hi, I do now where you are coming from as I have pretty much followed the same pattern. Just think that this is going to be a change in life style for life. my goal is to get to the point where the choses I make are healthy ones and that bad habits are a thing of the past. Good luck with your weight loss :-)


As above I've also tried ww and other slimmin groups lost on all but stoppes and regained weight plus some extra. I have a lot of weight to lose, have quite a busy lifestyle n its often easy to grab n goso u don't allways choose the healthiest options foodwise. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and it was a big shock. Everyone seems to think they can suddenly tell you what you can and can't eat which is very annoying. Anyway I'm waffleing. I have lost about 10 pounds so far and sometimes I go offtrack but try to get back on asap. I brought an airwalker so I can use it at night for a bit whilst watching tv. Anyway good luck with your plan xxx


me too. got to the stage where I was in denial about weight, even thought I didn't look too bad in the mirror and couldn't be bothered to go to all the hassle of losing weight only to gain it back a year or so later. I'm now the heaviest I've ever been but I was feeling so unhealthy that it forced me to take a good look at myself and even if I don't become sylph-like again accept that I need to lose weight to feel well, not necessarily to look good (although that would be good also). Not helped that I'm in my sixties so weight loss is not so easy - but then again not impossible. Wishing all the best with your weight loss and hope your health gets better as you lose the weight - which you will.


Hi Angel

Welcome to our family

We're here to help and support you and there is always someone who can advise you.

Good luck on your new healthy journey, just take it step by steel and you will get the results you're looking for.

If you have hit a rough patch! Don't worry about it, we all have these moments!

Just start again.

I have faith in angels and I have asked the to watch over you and guide you on your journey

Take care and angel blessings


thanks to you all for your comments. I have been in a rut for too long.

A friend suggested taking a photograph of myself in a bikini, which she said she had done and this had really motivated her. Like lyndie 123 i had accepted or rather I refused to register how I looked. So with the help of my amused daughter I took a photograph.

The photograph was a bit of a shocker for me, however whenever I am tempted i can get it out and remind myself of my goal. (Getting that developed was soo embarrassing, i kept looking around for people behind me!)

hopefully this time next week will be a pound lighter....thanks again


Hi Daffodil nice to hear from you and i wish your all the best in your bid to lose weight, i have been dieting seriously for 2 full weeks, bought new scales, stocked up on all the right food, do not eat after evening meal etc etc, I feel a big difference in my clothes and people say they notice I have lost weight, the scales on the other hand seem to have their own idea, they showed a loss of 3lbs within first week, next day up 2lbs, this morning I am back down again, dont quite know what is going on, I should say I have not beensuccessful in the bowel dept in 5 days, i know I should not be on the scales everyday but I am getting a bit frantic, as Mother of the Bride in 7 weeks I really need to lose a stone and was hopsing for a steady 2 lbs a week loss, any suggestions to where I am going wrong?


stop weighing yourself as often? i have watched the diet programs and this is something you should not do, as it can have a negative impact.(I know I have done this myself) I would carry on and wait and see what you have lost at your next weekly weigh in.

You can achieve a lot in 7 weeks, any weight loss is great and will make you feel better. Anyway you don't want to outshine the bride with your slimmer figure...lol


LOL "fat chance" of that, you are right of course I should not be jumping on the scales daily and must stop this now, It is good to talk to others with the same problem though, only we know the struggle it is trying to shed the pounds, look forward to hearing from you as you progress, have a super day.


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