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Overweight with high blood pressure - a fork in the road?

Nev1752020 December

I've just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I'm sad and disappointed that I've let my poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle lead me along to this inevitable outcome. I've tried so hard over the last few years to lose weight and do more exercise but always failed to make a consistent change, so have never been able to lose the weight, and instead I have gained even more weight. I'm now 3 stone overweight. Maybe this diagnosis is the kick up the backside that I needed, will I be able to be more consistent with eating healthy and regular exercise, or will I just pop the hypertension pills everyday for the rest of my life and carry on carrying on. Is there anyone out there who understands?

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Hi Nev175 and welcome to this amazing forum. This is a peer to peer ,weight loss support forum. We cannot offer any medical advice as we are not qualified to do so. We can offer you support in your chosen weight loss program.

I suggest you spend some time clicking about to find your way around. It's easier if you have a lap-top as there are several threads. If you’re using another device I strongly suggest that you use the web page as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around.

Have a good read of the pinned post “Welcome Newbies” and follow every thread.

Here’s the link to the pinned posts, healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Here’s the link for the “Tour” of the forum. If you haven’t already taken it.


I strongly suggest you read and contribute to the Daily Diary and participate in a Weekly Weigh in.

You will find there's loads of tips about better eating, from other members. Sharing your daily menu not only helps you stay committed, it can help other members too.

Good luck I hope to "see " you around.

slipstick1st 7lbs

I suspect there are at least dozens of us who understand. Hypertension is only one of my assorted ailments but I can say that when I lost a few stones a while ago my blood pressure went down.

It sounds like you have an idea what you need to do so all that remains is to get to it. Oh and stick to it. As you know we can't do it for you but you will find plenty of advice and support round here. Do you have clear plans of what you will be eating to be healthier and exactly what sort of exercise you will be doing? I find that specific aims work better for me than generics like "eat healthy" and "exercise regularly".

Nev1752020 December in reply to slipstick

Hi slipstick, thanks for your response, Here are some specific activities - I'll contribute to the Daily Diary and participate in a Weekly Weigh in, go for a walk in the evenings when I can at least 3 times a week (2 kids can sometimes scupper any plans I have) - but it's the food that's my biggest issue, making that positive choice to go for something healthy instead of something unhealthy, more often.

Welcome and yes I get it (from when I used to be 7 stones overweight). It's certainly possible to turn it around, though it's far from a trivial task. There are some excellent resources here to do it. 😀


Oh yes - I do understand . I had surgery for hiatus hernia mainly caused by my weight and told after a post op liquid diet that I should use this as a kick start. I was ashamed it got to this but relieved I did something about it as 2 friends have now got diabetes and I was even more determined when I heard their rather forced lifestyles . Weigh in and be supported by all of us here who either maintain or are determined to lose weight. No question is silly and no moan is ignored . I have had days when I have ate loads then thought I won't do it again tomorrow and usually I don't . Somebody recently posted a picture of before and after . The transformation was amazing to see a man initially in a tight shirt then in a smart T shirt and jeans which looked as though he had chosen looking younger and more positive.

Nev1752020 December in reply to focused1

Hi focused1, I'll weigh in and get started. Thanks!

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Well done for taking control, would you like to join us on our weigh in today? Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x


Nev1752020 December in reply to Lytham

Hi Lytham, thanks for the prompt to weigh in. I think I've missed the boat and can't post to the Wednesday weigh in now as it says "The ability to reply to this post has been turned off". Will join tomorrow's group though. All the best.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Nev175

That's right, the weigh-ins close at 9pm, UK time. You're very welcome to join the Thursday weigh-in tomorrow morning :)

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to Nev175

Good luck with your weigh in, I'm sure the Thursday Thinners will make you most welcome ! :-) x

Hi Nev175, yes, I think a lot of us can empathise with you as we all are carrying our bundles of health related issues and some of these are exacerbated by weight issues. I am 4 stone overweight and really hope to shift some in 2021. Ended up in hospital yesterday which was really scary as they were checking out an issue that in the worst case scenario would have left me paralysed from the waist down without emergency surgery. And I'd asked the doctor about a relatively minor thing! I'm hoping my blood pressure will go down but yesterday it was through the roof! Well done, Nev175, for making those positive commitments to healthier eating: that gets easier with practice. Well done for deciding to walk more and well done for signing in here. The weekly weigh in and the daily diary are brill. I don't necessarily contribute to the diary as everyone else has great ideas but I do look there and get inspiration.

Good luck with it all.

Crystal-212020 November

Hi there , so sorry but you can change a lot of things with the right mind set! Well that’s what they say. I have had high blood pressure for year, now diagnosed with heart failure and AFIB , it made me so depressed, but I found my actually meds were a lot of my problem as I try to eat carefully , so I decided to halve my intake of food ( that's not much at each sitting) but I’ve lost 3 pounds over Christmas.. like a gift to me..ha ha it’s so frustrating and I understand how you feel.

You can do it . Hope you find help here .

There are books I have seen through diet you can reverse your blood pressure. Worth a look. Good luck.

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