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Starting Again?!

So i was, with all of the best intentions, starting a variation of the 12 week plan that fitted into my life just over two weeks ago.

But it seems that my best intentions fell flat on their face...

This meaning that i really havent stuck to the plan very well at all!

Ive been misleading myself, telling myself that everything would be ok tomorrow and so when tomorrow comes around and the day before repeats itself, i feel ashamed of myself and guilty for not doing what i set out to do on the first day!

Are there any hints or tips in helping to get my mind set right!

I was also wondering what other exercises are availbe apart from joining a gym. I already walk for 30 mins home from work, but i feel as this isnt enough!

Thanks for the support!

And heres to doing my absolute best at sticking to this plan!

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Hi there, need to try not to feel guilty and ashamed as this will only make you eat/drink what you shouldn't and then this ends up being a vicious circle. Maybe try to focus on the right stuff you ate and feel good about the walk each day - remember this is better than not doing anything.

As far as other exercise goes try Googling exercise classes near you, if you enjoy dancing than maybe a Zumba class is for you. There is also Jazzercise, which is a mix of dance based routines with a strength session as part of the slowing down phase. If you're not keen on joining a class, can you swim? Your local gym may also run classes too. If you have a bicycle then that may be an option too I have Xbox Kinect and have a Zumba disc plus a workout disc that I can do in the comfort of my own home.

Good luck with finding something to do that you can enjoy.

Keep going, you will get there


Could you walk to work as well? I walk to and from. like Maryann I love Zumba, I find weighing myself helps, it keeps me focused. Have you got a piece of clothing you aspire to - something you liked in the past that doesn't fit now, or a new purchase you could reward yourself with for a milestone? Good luck and get back on that wagon - it can be a bumpy ride at times


Hi Sruck9,

This may seem an odd remark, but - who's running your life, you or your hormones?

When you become overweight, your body adapts to the situation by changing the levels of certains hormones which regulate things like fat burning, fat storage, feelings of hunger, feelings of satiation, etc.

So, when you go to change it, your body kind of resists - at first - because it's geared itself up to you being overweight. (Those changes are part of the reason why generally fat people get fatter).

As you change your regime / habits to make yourself slim, you body starts to adapt again.

But it does take a bit of a push to counter that resistance. It does take a bit of focus, determination and perseverence to ovecome that kind of 'inertia' that you body had got itself into.

And almost all of those hormone changes can be reversed through either becoming slim or by exercise/activity. So being in a slim active body is quite a different ball game to being in a large sedentary one, in certain ways.

But, it really is about getting the ball rolling. And once you've given a bit of a push for a few weeks, my guess is that you'll find it gains some momentum and kind of runs along without you having to try so hard.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.

And the reward of getting to that 'slim' you, will feel soooooooo good!


Hi :)

I think that most of the people here have had ups and downs, and that most of us have been there, not being able to stop day-to-day overeating. It was same for me, I use to promise myself (for many, many years), tomorrow I'll do better, but tomorrow, as if someone put a spell on me, I finished a day with a large lunch, and even when I realize during the meal that I’m eating too much, I just wasn’t able to stop.

And one day I found thin web-site. I left my eating habits, by planning the whole day meals and sticking to it. I’ve found time in the evening for cooking for the next day.

Also, I discovered that whole grain pasta, couscous, and even oatmeal do not work for me (leaving me hungry in two hours), but boiled potato (I think 86 cal. per 100 gram) and integral rice with lot of vegetables keep me going whole day. So, maybe it is a trick to find food choices that suits you. My super foods were also bananas, beetroot, kefir etc. As well instead of frying I use oven and baking-paper, in this way avoiding using oil. And I use fresh olive oil as my source of fat.

I do my exercises at home (DIY), also doing yoga on my own, just taking lot of care not to injure myself, doing a lot of warming up exercises, and adjusted to my level of fitness. Thanking to information from this web-site I started to run, and I am overjoyed.

So that is my experience. I hope that it might be useful to you or to someone else in this community.

Take care and good luck :)


Thanks for all of the advice guys!

I've now started taking a little note pad with me every where i go so that i can write down everything that im eating and drinking.

My inspiration is mainly to be healthier but there is also the extra push that both my brother and sister are gettig married at some point in the future and i don't particularly want to be 'overweight' bridesmaid.

Also now that the weather is getting a bit better i will walk to work as well as walking home! ive also discovered an exercise dvd i bought while at uni so i may have to start using that too!

Again thanks!! :)


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