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How to better cope with stress or emotional upsets other than by pigging out on chocs or other junk food?

Last week I had an issue with a close friend, and the upshot was I felt very hurt when I got home so started to pig out. Any ideas or tips on how to resist the "quick fix" with chocs/biscuits/pizza to dull the pain in these situations? I realise this is probably the problem of many - so a link to coping better with stress/depression would be very helpful.

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Hi depressed,

Well my initial thought is that the want of comfort is quite o.k., but pigging out on the chocs and junk, probably isn't the best way of getting it.

Probably, some exercise like a brisk walk in nice surroundings or a session down the gym would have been equally pain numbing.

Of course we're all emotionally and psychologically different, but perhaps you should explore alternative sources of comfort and other ways to ameliorate emotional upset.

When I was considerably younger, I would have gone into a room on my own, put on my "head-banger" headphones and listened to certain lp's repeatedly.

How about watching a movie? But don't "mindlessly munch" whilst doing do!

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Ah, yes; spot on with that one. Judas Priest, with Rob Halford screaming 'Victim of Changes' at the helm. What understanding neighbours I had! ;-)


Hi Doikosp - I think the headbanger music would work best for me....And very loudly too... I actually did that when aged 30 awaiting my first operation ever, and just wanted to blow all thoughts out of my head as was so anxious - and it helped enormously then!

Will get hold of some headphones as don't want to wake up everybody in our street at midnight!

A movie is not sufficiently distracting for me - and a walk at midnight not feasible.

With many thanks.



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