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Here I go

Well I have joined the gym and decided (yet again) to try and tackle this weight. 6 years on I don't think I can still claim its baby weight yet all I know is I am still 6 stone heavier than I was when I fell pregnant. I was 9 stone heavier, lost 6 and put 3 back on. Yoyo is my middle name, would really like to do this once and for all, just to feel good about myself. Its about 15 weeks until my brothers wedding and I would love to have shifted a couple of stone by then, so here goes!

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Go Girl! I dont do the GYM but love classes especially Zumba and not so much Spin Good luck loads of great advice here for you at 2lb per week that may well be 30lbs


msg me if u r serious in loosing your weight


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