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Endemetriosis Week ?!

Is it ok signing Petitions for school age pupils when NHS deny access & Investigation to those of a certain age because costing too much when is bullying via delay & neglect ,ageism & sexism when is this going to stop??! Even when it is known I need sedation for examination why are women being forcibly held down without anaesthetic with biopsies not taken - MeToo situation ??Are we being exterminated we can’t even get Canesten if over 60 ??!!

Since I had such severe dysmmenhorea it was thought had aborted when hadn’t had sex why is only now the Polish Drs find endometriosis 9mm & NHS not non testing .The caring NHS who do nothing knowing there is cancer both sides of family , can’t even allow examination of painful discharge not going .

When GPs do as commanded surely my safety is being put at risk knowing utis acute 3 weekly depending on antibiotics which are resistant due not targeting or listening to Specialists ? And I still have heart failure??!!

Who will assist ?Not system not fit for purpose that discriminates ?How many women specialists, not on a remit are on CCG s??!!!

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I'm sorry to read your story. NHS will not be able to help you. it will not be able to help any one. It's only purpose now is to keep the millions it employs in work. We can only hope and prey the sooner we get rid of this organisation called NHS the better for all of us. I wish there was a petition for that.


Try changing g your Gynaecology Consultant and hospital if you can. You have to be given the option. Endometriosis pain is hell, I know that personally. You should be able to get laser or something similar under anaesthetic to help relieve your condition. Join the Endometriosis Society for loads of information. It's also said that cutting out dairy helps as you are getting more hormones from cows milk. As for the Canes tan, I had the same problem. I would have to see a doctor first. Just go online and you get it, no problem.


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