NHS England: A Call to Action
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The NHS Belongs To The People

No it does NOT. It belongs to the Unions and anyone that comes to the UK from outside of it.

We have second rate Doctors and medical staff.

Any medical treatment other than emergencies or Cancer is given short thrift.

The only way we can have a better service is to break it up and start again.

I am very angry at losing my job, having a heart attack, losing my father, almost losing my mother and STILL being in pain after almost 2 1/2 years with a herniated disc all due too an inept service and Doctors who do not even know left from right.

Pathetic service from them. My best option is to hang from a tree. All future plans are off the table forever unless I win the lottery. I have no future now thanks to them.

Am I depressed? You betcha! You know the hospital said I am, but my GP said I am not. You couldn't make it up. Appalling service.

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Why has this come t o me as an email.I am not on this community?


It sounds like you have every reason to be depressed with everything you are going through, but don't give up. Like you, I am very frustrated with the health service and it needs to change drastically if it is to survive and help people.

I was seriously ill in 2000 - on my death bed in fact and I did a lot of praying.

The best thing a GP could do for me at that time, was to send me to a natural healer - perhaps you have a reputable drop-in centre near you?

I didn't believe in it or know anything about it, but felt I should give it a go as I was dying anyway - nothing to lose!!!

I had an extraordinary experience which made me curious to want to know more. I have found that the natural way has helped me enormously and although I still have health problems, I have learnt to manage them and get back some sort of life. I even went back to work for a while before retiring.

Like you, I have felt very frustrated with a system that, from my experience, only seems to be able to give out drugs, apart from cancer treatment and emergency treatment, like you say. I am sure doctors are frustrated, too, with having so little time to see patients and so little materials to work with.

I have seen 3 GP's lately with a problem that none have been able to help with and now a referral, with a warning not to get my hopes up that I will get a diagnosis and, certainly, possibly no treatment to help.

There are areas in the health service that have started seeking other approaches and there have been 2 programmes on Thursday nights about a GP who is doing his best to get patients off unnecessary drugs using other methods of help instead. I feel this is the best way forward for an NHS that is doomed due to the wrong way of approaching illness.

I would like to see the money spent on ways of helping patients to heal instead of billions spent on drugs that do not help many people and to the contrary, like the GP stated on the programme - kill thousands every year.

I hope you can see and find a way forward.


The problem isn`t the NHS staff, most of them do the best they can in an underfunded & overburdened system. It doesn`t help when there are people who insist on smoking, overeating, & generally abusing their bodies, then expect the NHS to treat them for the results. If that isn`t enough, there are people who demand boob jobs for free just because having small boobs makes them feel inadequate!


I am so sorry for the most dreadful time you have had losing your father and almost losing your mother and your and a heart attack and a still agonising pain from a herniated disc. No wonder you are in despair. Life can be so cruel, can't it?

You have your mother thank goodness. That is good news. I share your pain of years with a herniated disc and would advise that you are referred to the Spinal deformities orthopaedic trauma team at st George;s Hospital, Tooting, London. If it can be fixed, they can. They fixed me.

Life free from pain will give you a totally different outlook. You may have to wait a bit but once you know something is in the pipeline things feel better.


Its not that they are second rate it is they are too busy doing as directed by suspect administrations - LAs? based on/ copied from call centres.Fear directs? I have even had several say, in Walk In Centres & A&E, when knew sepsis was the problem that their hands were tied.

Consequently had to pay for own MRI and access treatment abroad as our system blames and puts our safety and mortality at risk .

Health is more of an art than a science.Ignoring symptoms and not researching is on a hiding to nothing.

Blaming half the population so you can cut on cut doesn't make reasonable sense.Then to base funding by averaging out is an absolute disgrace.

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