Intelligent urine sample container

Intelligent urine sample container

36+3 weeks pregnant and given this (3rd time) to collect urine sample. I don't know who came up with this idea to slim down the container but having a big bump I can't even see myself down there how am I meant to collect urine in there? Thank god my midwife had a normal container for me to use today but next time we are back to this little narrow container 😓 Please bring back the normal container to take samples making people lives much easier!

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  • Oh bless you Lisa ! That is simply not fit for purpose ! I imagine this would be difficult to use for many people - those with limited mobility, sight/co ordination issues etc. We still have the traditional round pots with yellow lids in my area - is this design to become mainstream ? ( 'scuse the pun ! ) Whatever were they thinking ? ! Angela x

  • It's amazing isn't it. Not just urine sample containers. 'Fit for purpose', top parameter in the design list has been relegated or removed from educational curriculum's.

  • Hello does your surgery/midwife not give you a cup to do the sample into? These containers have shrunk to enable them to be used in new state of the art equipment.

  • I agree it is positively dangerous especially for the person examining . I thought there was an infection problem in hospitals?

    Until recently for 50 yrs I was given a foil container and 2 wipes every 3 weeks then they refused to transfer my monitoring appt with a Professor when moved.As it concerned rotating antibiotics.This has been of grave concern as sepsis reared its head re spinal spasms of spasticity .NB News last week .

    Now GPs do this - the above ??! When pointed out they ignored the problem .I Complain every time. What is the medical training for Nurses and Doctors .Surely this is lesson 1? Daughter of a pharmacist ?


    By the way the Nurses dip on remits rather than extend cultures . They tried to shut the Prof down as antibiotics were concerned but his patients and students have got him open again legally.Thank the ….. !?

  • Nip down to your nearext cheap jack shop and buy a small plastic jug. It is almost certainly going to come in useful in the future !. we have one we keep ,clean of course in our bathroom cupboard...

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