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Mother of 93 yrs frightened after been told that she has Heart Failure an Update


After making our concerns of her being discharged to early they moved her out and arranged 2 visits a day and some aids for the house. Unfortunately she has not improved to the degree that the doctor took some bloods and sent them off. Once They had been analyzed the GP surgery was closed so the results went to the out of hours who called for a paramedic to go to the house. She was taken to A&E and more bloods taken. She was then moved to the acute medical unit for monitoring and at 3am we were told it was best to go home and let her sleep. When we went back she was on full blood as they found all her levels were low and have been dropping for some weeks. I got a call from a consultant the next day asking me and my sister to met him at 10:00 to discuss his findings in the ward she has been moved to. Once there we found it was the Oncology ward. The consultant explained the results to date and prognosis and further tests that will confirm the progression.

If they would of been prepared to look a little further and listen to our concerns, I am sure it would not of changed the diagnosis but maybe would of made those few weeks at home less of a nightmare it had become for her!

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Well Offcut I hear many cases like this but it is not the same when it's your own mother is it? The emotional stress on the family can be overwhelming too. These kind of incidences do need a call to action to prevent it happening if possible. Both for your mother and all the older people like her.


I think there are quite a few doctors and nurses who are unable to empathise with the patient or the patients family. Maybe they need training in how to treat the patient the way they would like to be treated themselves.


It seemed that all the wanted was to clear the bed as quick as the could so once the reason she was in was under control they could tick another box and show they are meeting targets!

The Oncology ward she is in now is a different thing, they are continuing to look at what else if anything is causing the problems that are happing. But they have fully explained everything in detail not only to her but to us.


That sounds like an improvement of sorts lets hope it continues.

I wish you and your Mother well.


Thank you, she has a temperature at the moment and on IV AB. She is been kept fully up to date as are we. Even with the news we would rather not hear. But at least we can prepare!

Be Well


Thank you Offcut.

It is my husband of 49 years that has had CLL, for the last seven and a half years.He is in reasonable health at the moment,but i am worried about his stomach which has become swollen since we last saw his haematologist. We have an appointment for next week so hopefully we will find out the cause then.

Take care.


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