Discrimination --- aged 70yrs ,multi chronic conditions not appropriately diagnosed or treated

Discrimination --- aged 70yrs ,multi chronic conditions not appropriately diagnosed or treated

In my experience the Government has brought what it is experiencing on itself i.e.: allowing 2 systems public & private of which many MPs not a part of NHS . They have allowed administrative systems based on the corporate using not current & questionable statistics to ration .This is via policy & procedure & dates back to Thatcher .Ignore the chronic which most people have and it becomes acute causing premature death.

Then it blames the public especially elderly & disabled when they have such policies as not cancelling brought forward appointments or editing IT mistakes or changes.In the Local Authorities now holding the Doctors Funds .They are deliberately not providing social services or giving funds for these chronic conditions/In my case there are technicians not monitored by Specialists when last Surgery said did not deal with the cardio thoracic when asked for a plan for pulmonary hypertension that should have been found with cardiac arrest 10 yrs ago .When you ask questions like speaking to the specialist ,security sends you legal letters to which the CAB does not address,why because of their funding of course ? Democratic?

The best part is the Acute provision where can get a quick fix but no follow up.The worst part is the neglect of the chronic with no research or flexibility between depts & TIERS .The antibiotic policy allowed them to target me out of employment.To do a BA & MA Visual Arts .My concept Age identity & how one is viewed by the system as one ages .It involves impressionistic , abstract photography & installation involving restructure after deconstruction of a very mean system.Worst is how LA are not providing & Government getting Maths wrong for the Treasury , allowing this to happen with Doctors not taking the Hippocratic oath.911 has also got a lot to answer for.

As for the deliberate delays .It is a disgrace .They have Registrars who ask for your history record it wrongly send it back to GP to wait another 6 months or not at all . My symptoms have become heart failure ones because of the negligence .I now do not trust the GP expecting him to deliberately delay making conditions unstable I have changed Surgery 5/6 due to not referring to National Orthopaedic after specialists requested .Suspect Urology Prof saw 3 weekly is using as a guinea pig as Watchful Waiting on Neurology form after the National had not picked up classic heart symptoms of the fact late Mother had every severe multi infant dementia.Suspect going to possess incorrect Summary of Care Record refused to put right when I die even though said no.This is as well as not transferring hospital apps deliberately when I moved & Ignoring single disabled status despite Certificate of Entitlement after 8 Appeals where gave & took away till diedx3 revived with angioplasty. The Telecare system is run like very poor corporate company in fact copies franchising out run by charities using same system directed by Insurance companies not wanting risk .Likewise LAs .They employ the least able restricted by remits not following agreed procedures so call Ambulance & Police out unnecessarily leaving those with a conscience without cover as cannot continue .They are also unable to install correctly with nobody ethical overseeing .

Why don't they take proper charge allocating the correct funds that the system needs but check they are following the NHS Constitution.Bring back at least 4 full time Drs in every dept,who are in charge with Contracts based on Hippocratic oath.

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  • I agree with a great deal of what you have to say. Personally I am tired of being part of the generation on whom this mess is all being blamed, i.e. one of the 'aging population', the current scapegoat.

    It is however true that huge advances have been made in medicine and treatment and so many of us who are living on now would have been pushing up daisies when I was a child.

    We simply have to find a way to fund the sorts of treatment we are expecting now. Either that or at some point we have to accept that older age claims and should claim lives and not try to string them out too long.

    Last night whilst doing some genealogy research I noted a great aunt who had died of consumption at the age of 30. That was once common. It's unheard of now. Obviously one of the choices that can easily be made is to save younger people over older.

    Not a pleasant thought but one solution!

  • Ow I hope you're are not in charge as no one is ethical is . Is the Government the enemy ? It appears to be the villains. of LA who have the upper hand !The NHS IS short in funding because of downright poor management .It managed on a lot less when the Specialists were in charge and it was a lot better and inclusive .Why repeat expensive unnecessary tests every time a hospital changes?Why are original apps that are brought forward not cancelled .Who gets blamed ?What is going on?Doesn't make sense look at you ??! Outrageous !